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Arunima Sinha successfully conquered her next summit with support from Oerlikon

August 20, 2015 – Arunima Sinha, the world’s first female amputee to climb Mount Everest and a former volleyball player at India national level,has added another feather to her cap, the conquest of Breithornin Switzerland.

Breithorn (4 164 m / 13 661 feet) literally means “broad peak/mountain” when translated from German, is a mountain of the Pennine Alps, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Says Ms. Sinha, “I am delighted at being able to achieve the feat of ascendingBreithorn. With each climb, I gain valuable know-how and confidence, which helps me in the ascent of the next summit. I am very thankful for all the support provided by Oerlikon to myendeavors and the fruitful partnership with the Company.”

Arunima Sinha’s achievements are inspirational and are symbolic of the core values that Oerlikon abides by, viz. Excellence and Team spirit. The former national level volleyball player met with an unfortunate accident in 2011 when she was attacked by a gang of robbers. Despite losing one of her limbs, she resolved to climb Mount Everest. After a basic mountaineering course, she conquered the peak in 2013. “Arunima is an excellent example of how one can overcome adversity through hard work, determination and will power, making her a natural fit as an ambassador for our Manmade Fibers Segment,” explains Georg Stausberg, CEO of the Segment. “She is an amazing testament to the human spirit and we would like to congratulate her on successfullyreaching the top of Breithorn in Switzerland.”

Meticulous preparation and climbing has helped Arunima Sinha scale the world’s most famous peaks. She has been setting records as the first female amputee to conquer multiple summits. Her list of achievements, in addition to Mount Everest, is Mt. Elbrus (5 642 m / 18 510 feet) in Russia and the highest peak in Austria, Mt. Kosciusko (2 228 m / 7 310 feet).

“We’re very proud of what Ms. Sinha has achieved,” adds Khurshed Thanawalla, Country Representative, Oerlikon India. “The ascent of Breithorn, with its glaciers and snow, is a demanding test and her triumph in Switzerland is matter of pride for us.”

At the top of the Breithorn summit,Arunima hoisted the red Oerlikon flag along with the flag of India. After this, Arunima’s next goal will be the daunting peak of Mt. Aconcagua (6 962 m / 22 841 feet) in the Andes Mountains of South America. In the following year, she has set her sights on conquering Mt. McKinley in North America and Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.

To tell and share her story, Arunima has written a book “Born again on the mountain”, which was launched by the Prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, in December 2014. She is also a proud recipient of the Padma Shri award, the fourth highest civilian award of India, in 2015.

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