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Ashish Bansal – A Born Entrepreneur Creating Heights With Bornsocial

Ashish Bansal, a young star Gazer who found his path for life to hustle strongly to achieve something which never happened ever before in India.

Growing up in a rural area of Punjab called Sunam, he never saw people being really keen about digitalisation but he always had an eye for it. He wanted people to know the benefits and ease of it. He then and there knew if he ever would be able to, it will be for the Mankind.

He Started his career just at mere age of 14 and put his foot forward into this marketing field. Ashish has gained enough expertise through these past years and has been running a well surfaced digital media agency named BornSocial and giving artists , brands and influencers and many people great brand visibility, Congnizance and reach to their profile.

His conjecture that India is a country where poverty and illiteracy are major issues, people should know Internet holds the potentiality with which India can grow slowly but leisurely. With the competence of internet and media he became Financially Independent and very self assured at a very young age.  

Developing Heed because of being friends with the top celebrities and coming into prominence made him work harder and harder and touch the heights.

With acute yearning of Marketing  and running a successful startup now Ashish aims to reshape the society, as well his foresight is to educate youth of India by being associated with the Government of India about Digital Marketing and social education. He claims that everyone especially the budding youth should have the apprehension about  the Correct use of the internet and also to protect them against the growing number of social threats or cyber crimes and making them understand the impact of wrong actions over internet and  familiar to the common muddle that could come in their way.

By this means, Ashish states that he would be contributing to the society in reduction of such threats, if he would be able to change a few lives even, he will be successful with the motive. 

Hence , with so much already done and so much yet to come, Ashish Bansal and his startup BornSocial is a must awaited one.

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