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Asteroid collision with earth unavoidable, say scientists

Ahead of the Asteroid Day that is observed on June 30, leading scientists have said that the event of an asteroid colliding with earth is inevitable. The scientists said that it’s not a case of “if it will happen”, but a case of “when it will happen”. The Asteroid Day is observed on June 30 in remembrance of an asteroid event that occurred on the same day in 1908. On that day, a small asteroid had exploded over Tunguska in Russia’s Siberia, leveling trees and burning the ground more than 2,000 square kilometers. Scientists said that the risk of a major collision with an asteroid is increasing with every passing day.

Scientists said that if a Tunguska like event happens over a city, it could cause deaths of millions of people and result in massive damage to city’s infrastructure. Such an event can easily paralyze a city for several months, resulting in serious economic losses. Scientists said that even when they have become more adept at detecting asteroids, many new ones are regularly being identified, something that is continuously increasing the associated risks.

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