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ASUS Announces VivoMini UN62 and UN42 in India

Ultra-compact mini PC powered by 4th Gen Intel Core processors that support 4K multi-displays and run silently with low power draw. 


Mumbai, 4th December, 2014ASUS today announced VivoMini UN62 and UN42, ultra-compact mini PCs measuring just 131 x 131 x 42mm and powered by 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i5, i3 or Celeron® processors for full-fledged computing for the home or office. VivoMini offers extensive I/O connectivity with 4K/UHD (Ultra-high definition) resolution output1 for breathtaking visuals, and multi-display support for increased user productivity. The silent and energy-efficient VivoMini runs silently, with noise levels of just 26.3dB under full load — 60% quieter than industry standards — and draws as little as 6.95W at idle.

Powerful and compact mini PCs for work or play

Powered by the latest 4th-generation Intel Core i5, i3 or Celeron processors, ASUS VivoMini delivers smooth full PC multi-tasking performance and productivity for work or play. VivoMini features a compact, lightweight 0.6-liter chassis that measures just 131 x 131 x 42mm — giving it a footprint that’s slightly bigger than a standard men’s wallet. This sleek design frees up precious desktop space, while its modern Zen-inspired concentric-circle finish is easy on the eye and blends in anywhere in the home or office.

VivoMini can be VESA-mounted on the back of a display too, allowing users to create their own custom All-in-One (AiO) PC for a tidy, clutter-free desk or workstation.

Asus_Vivo_Mini_2VivoMini is ideal for a wide range of business applications and home needs. It can be used in point-of-sale (PoS) terminals, digital signage, kiosk displays, or as a computing platform for small workstations; it can also be a personal or family PC for surfing the web, playing games and watching movies. 

Extensive connectivity with 4K/UHD visuals and fast-charge USB 3.0

ASUS VivoMini has 4K/UHD output support for ultra-realistic visuals with breathtaking levels of detail. This makes VivoMini ideal for use as a home entertainment PC to browse the web, view photos, watch videos or play casual games; it can even be used commercially to powerdigital signage. VivoMini also supports up to three independent displays2 through HDMI and DisplayPort++ without the need for an additional graphics card. This gives users additional onscreen space for productive multi-tasking; allowing them to spread out application windows, mirror content, or extend a single window across multiple displays.

VivoMini has extensive connectivity options for full compatibility with a host of devices. There’s a total of four USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfers, with two easy-access side ports with fast-charge technology to charge mobile devices in half the time. There’s also high-performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a 4-in-1 card reader for easy photo sharing, a headset/microphone jack, and a Kensington lock.

Silent, energy-efficient computing                   

ASUS VivoMini is designed with the environment in mind, and delivers incredible energy efficiency thanks to an ultra-low power design that draws as little as 6.95W at idle —not much more than an LED light bulb. This lets users leave VivoMini on overnight to download software updates or perform file backups, all without racking up big electricity bills.

VivoMini operates in remarkable silence thanks to optimized low-speed fan settings that keep noise levels down to just 18.5dB at idle, the same level as the sound made by falling leaves. And it doesn’t get much noisier at full load, either – at just 26.3dB, that’s quieter than a library and is 60% lower than the industry standard. The optimized fan also lowers operating temperatures for stable performance.

ASUS desktops are designed to ensure extreme reliability, extensive compatibility, and assured safety. VivoMini is subjected to a series of exacting quality and reliability tests. The PC is designed to cope with temperature extremes —from dry, icy subzero conditions, to hot and humid environments that
exceed 60°C. 

Making things easy with remote PC and cloud management software

VivoMini includes a rich suite of PC remote control and cloud management software. In commercial settings, the ASUS Remote Management Tool is a one-stop solution for routine maintenance and servicing, allowing remote updates to CPU, fan, or system settings in the BIOS. Real-time BIOS updates can also be done via USB or a hard disk.

In the home, various apps found in ASUS HomeCloud turns VivoMini into a private storage and multimedia center – letting users access VivoMini remotely, stream multimedia content, or manage files and documents from anywhere. There is even a Wake on WAN feature to wake up VivoMini remotely via the internet from a smart device. In addition, VivoMini comes with 100GB of ASUS WebStorage free for one year, as well as 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive free for two years3.

1UN62 only

2Support for three displays is only possible with daisy-chain connections via DisplayPort++.

3 UN42 models with Windows 8.1, 2GB DRAM and 32GB SSD receive an additional 100GB of OneDrive space free for two years.


The ASUS VivoMini UN62 will be available starting at an MOP of Rs 26,500 for the barebones* version while the VivoMini UN42 will start at an MOP of Rs 13,500 for the barebones* version. Both variants are available starting this month and will come with a 3-year warranty.

* Barebones version doesn’t include RAM, HDD and OS.

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