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ASUS ROG Hosts Extreme-Overclocking Gathering at Computex 2015

Three new world records achieved with Rampage V Extreme and ASUS GTX Titan X at ROG OC Showdown area during HWBOT World Tour Asia stop 

Full steam ahead

Mumbai, 10th June, 2015ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that supreme overclockers competing at the ROG OC Showdown area achieved three world records and one global first place.

Organized by HWBOTin conjunction with ASUS ROG, HyperX®, Seasonic®, Intel®, DimasTech® and OverClocking-TV, the high-profile assembly ran from 6th June to 8th June, 2015 at the MakerBar next to the famous GuangHua Computer Market. This wasthe third and final stop of HWBOT World Tour 2015 and was the global showcase for HWBOT World Series — a worldwide search for the world’s finest overclocking talent.

Participants were challenged to push the limits to break all previous performance boundaries using ROG’s Rampage V Extreme X99 chipset-based gaming motherboard and ASUS GTX Titan X graphics cards. Supporting hardware components included Predator DDR4 memory from Hyper®, Intel® Core™ i7 5960X processors and Seasonic® Platinum Series 1200 power supplies. 

Team OC India represented by ‘Toolius’ and ‘CloudVII’

Representing India at the competition were none other than India’s top two extreme overclockers, Mr. Shatul ‘Toolius’ Durlabhji and Mr. Abhishek ‘CloudVII’ Joshi. Their test setup included an Intel Core-i7 5960X, ASUS Rampage V Extreme and an Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X. Overclocking TV, a hugely popular Twitch channel, also interviewed our fellow overclockers which was broadcasted live to over 2000 followers.

World’s best hardware and world’s best overclockers combine to smash world records

To break world records 8Pack and der8auer assembled a selection of world-class hardware, including Core i7 5960X processors, GTX Titan X graphics cards and special HyperX DDR4 Predator engineering-kit memory modules — all brought together by ROG’s Rampage V Extreme X99 gaming motherboard.

Two new world records were set with the Catzilla benchmarking tool, including both three-way 720P and four-way 1440P, setting respective new bests of 1550MHz/2000MHz and 1625MHz/2000MHz.The third world record was set in 3DMark11’s Performance category, notching up 1587MHz/2000MHz. For their achievement, 8Pack and der8auer won a cash prize of US$750 per world record — for a total award of US$2,250.

The world-beating overclocking pair also secured the global first place position with Catzilla 720P’s four-way benchmark, pushing GTX Titan X to 1575MHz/2000MHz.

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