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Ather Energy begins setting up of one of India’s biggest public charging infrastructure with Ather Grid across India

Phase one of installation of Ather Grid to be live across 135 + locations by December 2020  

Bengaluru, 13th October 2020: “Ather Grid has seen steady adoption in Bengaluru & Chennai, and we  believe that accessible charging infrastructure is critical before launching our products in any market we  enter.” says Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer. Holding true to this, Ather Energy, that intends  to launch across 9 new markets in India has already finalized setting up 135 public fast charging stations.  Ather Energy has 37 fast charging stations in Bengaluru and 13 in Chennai, taking the total count to 150  fast charging stations across India.  

This makes Ather Energy, one of the few companies in India to have set up and contributed towards  building an ecosystem for electric vehicles in the country. While many OEMs have launched electric  vehicles in India, Ather has shown their commitment to EV revolution by investing on a public  infrastructure and alleviating range anxiety amongst consumers. Ather Grid fast charging network can be  used by all electric two-wheelers and electric four-wheelers and can charge the Ather 450X at 15 km in 10  minutes.  

Ather Energy has signed MOUs with partners like VR Mall, PPZ mall management, restaurant and cafe  chains like Little Italy, Blue Tokai, Chai Kings, retail outlets like Sangeetha mobiles, and now has access to  more than 250 locations across the country. The installations of the Ather Grid Points will begin before  deliveries of the Ather 450X in November 2020 

Sr. No City Some of the upcoming locations in new cities  

1 Bengaluru (Existing  locations) 

Forum Malls, Orion Mall, Cafe Azzure, Phoenix Market City, Go  Native, Sangeetha Mobiles 

2 Chennai VR Chennai, Varsha Jewellers, Sangeetha Mobiles, Chai Kings, SPR  Food Street, Mash Resto Cafe 

3 Hyderabad Almond House, Sarath City Capital Mall, The Moonshine Project,  Swiss Castle, Chai Kahani 

4 Pune Kalyan Bhel, Little Italy, Kalinga Restaurant, Copacabana, Bliss Bakery  Cafe, Hotel KBs Woodland, Eat & Repeat Cafe 

5 Kochi French Toast, Centre Square Mall, Mash Resto Cafe

6 Coimbatore Sangeetha Mobiles, Chai Kings  

7 Kozhikode Sixth Avenue Cafe, DR. Cafe, Bun Club 

8 Kolkata Millee Droog Cafe Bistro, Cafe by the lane 

9 Ahmedabad Sangeetha Mobiles, Little Italy, Royal Archid 

10 Mumbai Blue Tokai 

11 Delhi NCR Blue Tokai, Vegas Mall, Pacific Mall, Pacific D21 Mall 

As part of Phase 1 of the rapid expansion, Ather Energy will install about 5-10 fast charging points before  delivery in each of the new markets they are expanding to. Ather Energy will continue to partner with  more progressive hosts which can offer EV owners’ easy accessibility, curb range anxiety, and ease the  adoption of electric vehicles in India.  

The Ather Grid is supported by the Ather Grid app which allows all EV owners to directly ascertain available  and unavailable locations on the home screen. The application also has filters and information related to  4+wheeler friendly locations, availability of free and paid parking, location timings and more.  

Ather Energy targets to set-up 6500 charging points across the country by 2022.  

Quote by Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer What the market needs right now is more visibility of  the charging infrastructure. With increased visibility comes mental comfort, curbing range anxiety. We do  not need the density like petrol or CNG gas stations but increased accessibility and faster charging speeds.  We will ensure that Ather Grid is present in prominent locations in every city to build confidence amongst  our consumers. I feel proud to be part of the team that is building not just a high-performance scooter  but also building the supporting ecosystem with it. It’s a huge investment and we believe it’s a necessary  one to improve the adoption of EVs in India”.  


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