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Atos contributes to the European project “ABC4EU” for smart borders

With the objective to increase EU member states’ internal security, Atos helps fight illegal migration and facilitate border crossings

Paris, Madrid, 29 May 2017 – Atos, an international leader in digital transformation, actively participates in the Automated Border Control Gates for Europe (ABC4EU) project. Co-founded by the European Union, the 16.8 million euro project aims to make border control more flexible by facilitating workflows without compromising security while harmonizing the border control processes across Europe.

Atos, partner of the consortium since January 2016, provides two key subsystems:

  • The National Facilitation Program (NFP) with a registration station which allows verification of travellers’ personal documents and capture of their biometric data. Developed by Atos, the software controls everything that is necessary for these processes and records the exhaustive scrutiny carried out by the border agent.
  • A mobile system dedicated to the control of smart borders. Atos has developed, on an Android platform, software that manages the reading of travel documents, the capture of footprint and the verification of data “against” different police and border systems at national and European level.

The two key subsystems have already been tested in two successful pilots, at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport and in the maritime port of Algeciras (south of Spain) where Atos deployed the NFP system and several terminals of the mobile system. Atos also trained the border agents and supervised the full activity.

By 2020, the Entry and Exit System (EES) will be operational, replacing the current manual passport sealing system, and will require travelers to be registered to be able to enter the Schengen area. The system will record the transits in a central European database, allowing control of entrances and exits. In addition, each member state will be able to manage its own Frequent Flyer Registration System (FFRS) to ease traffic flow.

The new system will contribute to the effective management of authorized short-term stays, further automation of border controls, better detection of usurped documents and identities and will include denials of entry. This will facilitate the crossing of borders of bona fide travelers, the detection of persons illegally staying and the identification of undocumented persons in the Schengen area.

The ABC4EU project is part of the Seventh Framework Program for Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the European Union, started in 2014 and to be completed next year. Its main objective is to standardize automated border control systems (ABCs) and integrate these systems with the new IOS (Input and Output System) and NFP (National Facilitation Programs), as proposed in the Intelligent Borders Package European Union.

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