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Attempt to set Kaaba on fire? Man arrested by police

Reports are coming in from Saudi Arabia, claiming that a person has tried to set fire to the Kaaba inside Makkah’s Grand Mosque, the holiest shrine of Muslims. The man trying to set the Kaaba on fire has been arrested by the police before he could complete his act. Sources said that the man was mentally unstable, which is why he was trying to set the Kaaba on fire.

The man arrested is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and his age is around 40 years. He started his act by pouring gasoline on himself, which alerted the people around him. Soon, the police were called in who took the man in their custody.

However, there are conflicting theories being proposed, one of which says that the man was not actually trying to burn the Kaaba, but was trying to self-immolate himself. Others say that the man was trying to do both, i.e. set himself as well as the Kaaba on fire. Since this is a sensitive subject, government officials are terming it as an act of attempted self-immolation, carried out by a person of unsound mind.

People trying to damage the Shrine is not new. It may be recalled that in 2014, a mentally ill person was arrested by the police for breaking lanterns at the Grand Mosque.

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