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Auckland Insights – A Guide To Working Space In Auckland

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Auckland is an incredible city and while not being the country’s capital, it is New Zealand’s most populated city. Industry and government incentive can provide your business with so many opportunities and those looking to live and work in the “City of Sails” will find loads to see and do in Auckland itself, as well as loads of amazing experiences to be had nearby. The diversity alone presents prospective workers the chance to live and work in New Zealand’s melting pot.

Even searching for workspace is simple in this community where the serviced office provider has made it easy to find space to work. In addition to your typical serviced office, executive office, and virtual office, coworking spaces are fitting out businesses with some pretty nice digs. In fact, if looking for premium office space that can also raise your profile in the community, Servcorp’s coworking space in Auckland is a great choice.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from coworking workspaces in Auckland.

Flexible Leasing

One of the best things about coworking in Auckland is you can find a variety of spaces that can meet your business’s needs. When looking for a lease though, you do not have to worry about entering into protracted contracts that tie you to one location for a lengthy time. Instead, many coworking spaces are shorter with some being month-to-month. The benefit of shorter terms is they present your business with a variety of options if you decide to relocate, and conversely, if the business does not work out, you are not bound by a complicated lease.

Furthermore, this flexibility also lends itself to any initial start-up costs. With a traditional lease, you can eat up a good portion of your funding, but with the coworking space, the contract is such that many places only require one month’s rent as a deposit and then the actual first month’s rent. For the most part, you can save a whole bunch of your initial funding by going with the coworking space.

Great Locations

Many of Auckland’s coworking spaces can place you in the more prestigious places in the city. Working in the central business district is akin to having access to the people and resources needed to make your business run more efficiently. Furthermore, an address in any one of the city’s popular areas can do wonders for your business’s image. The great benefit to this setup is you get the advantage of sitting in a prime location without the ridiculously high price tag that usually comes as a part of leasing a conventional office in the central business district.

Your Community As Leverage

Your coworking community can also be leveraged to create business opportunities within the space. Coworking presents professionals with ample opportunity to meet and engage professionals from a diverse array of industries. Use the space to connect, to make friends, meet mentors, and more significantly, build opportunities to collaborate with other businesses, as this can raise your business’s profile.

Use the space to build your brand’s identity as well. Host events that introduce your business to the coworking community to build interest in your product and possibly create opportunities to work with others. This can be the chance for you to showcase any products or skills you have in the space or make business connections in the coworking space. Using the community to build your brand in many ways can be entrée into the greater Auckland business community.

Making A Splash In Coworking Auckland

The coworking scene in the city is still growing and evolving to include concepts that are designed to pull in more of professional Auckland. With this in mind, those looking to open a business in the city will be met with a business climate that nurtures industry and commercial real estate that can accommodate businesses of any means. Whether deciding on staying in the city for a short-term gig or something more long-term, coworking in Auckland can meet your business’s needs.

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