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August 22, an important day for Muslims, as Supreme Court to announce triple talaq verdict

Tomorrow, August 22, will be an important day for Muslims, as the Supreme Court will be announcing its verdict in the triple talaq matter. The verdict will be announced by a 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court, which is led by Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar. The bench will give its verdict on the legality of triple talaq. The court will decide if the practice of triple talaq is legal or not, in accordance with the religious practices in Islam. The court will also decide if triple talaq has led to violations of fundamental rights of women. The impact of triple talaq on human rights and gender equality will also be delved upon before pronouncing the final judgment. It may be recalled that many petitions filed against triple talaq had said that it affected the dignity of women.

The arguments against triple talaq had also pointed out that the practice of triple talaq is not part of Islam religion. The petitions pointed out that the practice of triple talaq has already been banned in Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, UAE, etc. It is only in India that this archaic practice is still continuing. It remains to be seen what the Supreme Court will decide tomorrow. Experts said that the Supreme Court may ask the government to create new Muslim Personal Laws to replace the practice of triple talaq.

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