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Amazing Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Traditions

Why do temples have bells ? The scientific reason behind having bells in the temple is that when we ring them, they clear our mind and help us stay sharp and keep our full concentration on devotional purpose. These bells are made in such a way that when they produce a sound, it creates a unity in the left and ... Read More »

7 simple ways to secure your new home

All individual dreams of a house of their own, but a house can be converted into a home by various things. We are going to discuss about how to secure your new home. A house can be turned into home with some basic things such as love, care, security and bonding with a family. To protect the family we need ... Read More »

What is an external hard drive?

It doesn’t take long for your PC to top off, so an outer drive can give the additional room expected to assist with putting away the entirety of your computerized content. With the increment in the quantity of cloud-based capacity arrangements now accessible in the present market, we needed to examine how an outer hard drive actually has a few ... Read More »

5 Important Steps To Find QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

Whilst you first started your company, you should have used spreadsheets to maintain the tune of profits, and paper time taking part in playing cards to file employee hours for payroll. However, now it’s time to beautify a greater superior accounting solution. The question is: How do you find the suitable one? One way to get your small employer questions ... Read More »

Ideas to make a house more spacious

These days, large residences are frequently associated with a wealthy and opulent lifestyle. Exquisite colors, distinct furnishings, and an exceptional concept provided by the architecture company in Delhi are all that’s required to create your home look as good as, if not better than, that of superstars. With these tips to create your house look larger & spacious, we want ... Read More »

Ensure Your Office is Safe with Fire Fighters


Once you take a lot of time out to plan everything for your business then why not simply about its safety? What if you are not giving much attention to the office complex and you undergo an unexpected incident? Now, have you ever come across that a whole building came into the flames of a single fire? Come on, you ... Read More »

5 devices for remote learning in 2021

With the education system now being majorly dependent on technology, the role of devices have increased multifolds. A good device can effectively get you through those long lectures without any major challenges or lags. Whether it is a Chromebook or an AIO, brands such as ASUS, ACER, Microsoft and Lenovo have launched devices catering to the needs of the students ... Read More »

AWS Extends Cloud Computing Curriculum to Students across 21 Higher Education Institutions in India

Institutions across nine states will deliver cloud curriculum developed with AWS through more than 100 trained faculty members NEW DELHI, INDIA – September 08, 2021 – After successfully integrating cloud computing curriculum in programs of study at seven education institutions in 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will add another 21 higher education institutions* across India offering cloud computing curriculum as part ... Read More »

“Teachers: Reshaping the future while leading in a crisis”

Disruptive, stressful experiences are often great enablers of growth.The pandemic has forced all of us to work remotely, which has compelled us to explore different ways to teach, learn, track progress creating new metrics for teaching, new parameters for learning, keeping in mind—the core traditional learning requirements. Embracing Technology  With the onset of the pandemic, teachers all over the world—embraced ... Read More »

The landscape of employment in the specialty chemical industry

By Anil H Gupta, CRISTOL. The speciality chemical industry is one of the most knowledge-intensive industries and an incredible engine of development and creativity. This segment has witnessed substantial growth and development over the last few decades owing to the rise in consumerism. It is evident that the segment is becoming extremely competitive by growth & development. Growth in trade ... Read More »

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