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Why Oceans Have Different Colors At Different Places?

Oceans are largely deep blue in color. However, if you have travelled a lot or follow nature channels, you would have noticed that oceans are of different color at different places. Oceans could acquire various shades such as turquoise, light blue, azure, greenish-brown, light green, dark blue-black, greenish-white, and various other color shades. So, why do oceans have different colors ... Read More »

Top 5 Windiest Places On The Planet

A gentle wind on our face is one of the best experiences we can have on the planet. However, turn up the regulator a bit more and your eyes will start to water off. A bit more force and you might easily topple or tumble or just get blown away. While not every day you experience gusty winds, there are ... Read More »

How To Kill Boredom In Relationship?

Most relationships follow a usual pattern. It starts from intense emotions and excitement after which things tend to become mundane and practical. Does that mean the end of the relationship? Not at all, because peace and tranquility of a long-term relationship may be quite invaluable. However, boredom is something entirely different and it can prove disastrous for relationships. You can ... Read More »

How To Become A Rugby Player?

A fast-paced and highly thrilling game, rugby is popular across the globe. While majority would be happy to play the role of spectators, there are the ones who may actually want to be part of the action. If you belong to the latter group, the one question that immediately comes to mind is how to become a professional rugby player. ... Read More »

Who Is The World’s Richest Women

When talking about the rich, we usually think of the world’s top businessmen. Does that mean women aren’t as successful in business as men? Certainly not, because there are several businesswomen who have built their empires from scratch. Of course, there are cases where women have inherited from family or received wealth as part of divorce settlement. However, that should ... Read More »

Who Names Hurricanes, Cyclones, And Typhoons?

Heard of names like Katrina, Wilma, Rita, Harvey, Sandy, Irma, Andrew, Ike, Maria, etc.? If you have been witness to hurricanes and tropical storms or if you have interest in weather systems, you probably are aware of these names. But have you ever wondered who gives names to hurricanes, cyclones and tropical storms? And why are these weather systems given ... Read More »

Youngest Serial Killers Of All Time

We all have heard gory tales of serial killers and how some of them have still not been caught. Most stories we have read or seen involved full grown adults, ranging from people in their twenties to some that were quite old. But you will be surprised to know that there have been cases where even children and teenagers were ... Read More »

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes During the New Digital Normal

Working constantly with laptops, computers, watching television and staring into your mobile phones has increased many folds due to today’s digitally driven world. You might also be experiencing long working hours sitting at home, spending most of your time glued to your computer screens, and the other half of the day must be spent binge-watching some series on Netflix. Amidst ... Read More »

How To Become A Spy?

From what we have seen in movies, the job of a spy certainly seems quite fascinating. Not all of it may be true, but being able to access secret data and work on secret assignments does seem like a thrilling job. It sounds better than a routine 9 to 5 job. If you want to become a spy with international ... Read More »

Where Can You Buy Drugs Legally?

Drug abuse is a major global issue that results in thousands of deaths every year. Drug addiction also leads to significant economic and social burden on the country. The drugs problem refuses to go, even when most countries have prescribed the harshest of punishment for production, supply, distribution and possession of drugs. Thankfully, there are a handful of countries that ... Read More »

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