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Rebel Foods – Company Profile

Rebel Foods (originally Faasos) is the world’s largest internet restaurant company. It initially started operations in the domestic market and later expanded operations to international locations. In India, Rebel Foods has presence in 35 cities. International locations include UK, UAE and Indonesia. The company operates more than 320 cloud kitchens across three countries and has over 3000 internet restaurants. Through ... Read More »

Rapyd – Company Profile

Rapyd is a leading UK based payments platform that specializes in providing Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) to global enterprises. With its range of fintech applications, Rapyd helps organizations to focus on their core business instead of going through the usual hassles of building infrastructure for financial transactions. With Rapyd, businesses can access a range of benefits such as process payments in local ... Read More »

Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski is an American politician, currently serving as a senator from the state of Alaska. One of the notable aspects about Murkowski is that she is the second-most senior Republican woman member in the Senate. For records, the most senior Republican woman member in the Senate is Susan Collins who represents the state of Maine. Talking about Murkowski, she ... Read More »

Which Country Has Cheapest Petrol?

Most of the world currently runs on fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas). Even though electric vehicles (EVs) usage is increasing, it will take several years for them to go mainstream. Till then, fossil fuels will continue to maintain their dominance. For the common people, expenses related to their daily commutes form a significant percentage ... Read More »

What Is Power Grid Failure?

Electricity has become such an inseparable part of our lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. As the supply is usually 24/7, we hardly ever care about its importance. However, at times, there are widespread power outages, covering entire cities, states and even the entire country. In these situations, millions of households are forced to live without ... Read More »

World’s Most Counterfeited Brands – Double Check Before You Buy!

Businesses spend millions of dollars in creating and nurturing brands and it’s their right to be rewarded for their efforts. However, ask any top brand and they will tell you that the problem of counterfeits and pirated products pose a significant challenge to their revenue growth and profitability. It is estimated that counterfeiting and piracy is the biggest criminal ecosystem ... Read More »

Do Animals Cry?

We often come across photographs and videos of animals with tears in their eyes. The objective is usually to share the message that even animals have the ability to experience pain and suffering. Such pictorials urge us to be kind to animals and not do anything that might harm them. While it’s true that animals can experience pain, do they ... Read More »

Most Unsafe Airlines In The World

Air travel is one of the safest ways to travel, as fatality rate is quite low. We do see planes falling off the sky, hitting a mountain, crashing into a building and dropping into the ocean. However, such cases are rare, especially when we compare it proportionately to the total number of successful flights. As per recent data, the ratio ... Read More »

These Trees Can Kill You – Watch Out!

Trees have been humankind’s best friend, as they have provided us with shade, fruits, wood and the most important oxygen. Trees play an important role in sustaining various forms of life and they are also relevant in terms of aesthetics. Without trees, the world would cease to exist, as we know it now. The importance of trees is even more ... Read More »

What Is Ozonated Water?

You may have read it on certain brands of packaged drinking water or mineral water and may be wondering what ozonated water is all about. Is ozonated water good for your health and how it is different from non-ozonated water? Well, many people are confused about ozonated water, as there is a lack of awareness about the topic. To make ... Read More »

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