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Does The President Wear Bullet Proof Vest?

Safety of the US President, other key leaders and their families is the responsibility of the United States Secret Service. The organization was originally formed to control counterfeiting. In addition to protecting nation’s leaders, the US Secret Service also protects financial and other important infrastructure. 100% security statistically impossible It is apparent that the president is well-protected by a wide ... Read More »

Is Male Menopause Myth Or Reality?

Menopause is the natural process wherein women experience decline in reproductive hormones such as estrogen. It usually starts to manifest around 12 months after the last menstruation. Some of the common identifiers for menopause include reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and sleep disturbances. Fatigue, anxiety, and depression can also occur due to menopause. So, is menopause limited only ... Read More »

How To Mine Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are among the most controversial and hotly debated subjects in 21st century. There are several countries that have banned cryptocurrencies, as it is believed that they can be a threat to the traditional financial system. Many governments fear that cryptocurrencies can undermine the value of their national currency. For the average individual, cryptocurrency is often a complicated subject. Most ... Read More »

Can A Judge Overrule The Jury?

Courtroom proceedings can be confusing for folks who are not well acquainted with legal affairs. One of the most common questions is whether the decision taken by the jury is final. People also want to know what could be their options if they feel that the jury decision is not consistent with the laws of the land. Such answers are ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Biggest Semiconductor Company?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, there’s currently a global shortage of semiconductors. These are essentially small electric conductors, also referred to as chips. Semiconductors are widely used across electric and electronic devices. They are there inside cars, planes, computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, appliances, medical devices and various other products, parts and components. Semiconductors are essentially the key to technology ... Read More »

Do 5G Plans Cost More Than 4G?

5G is being rolled out globally at a fast pace. In a few years’ time, it is expected to be available in most parts of the world. 5G is tested to be several times faster than current 4G network. So, will consumers have to pay more for a faster network? Well, the answer to that will depend on various factors ... Read More »

Top 5 World’s Most Popular Tax Havens For The Rich

Although it may be unethical, the trend of parking funds at offshore locations continues. Technology has made it difficult to evade taxes and earn black money, but loopholes still exist. The primary objective is usually to avoid tax or to park funds earned through illegal means. It could also be a way to protect oneself from financial uncertainties that may ... Read More »

Do Condoms Reduce Pleasure?

There are some questions that have no clear answer. One such discussion is whether condoms reduce sexual pleasure or not. These questions are tough to answer, as they are based on personal experiences. In case of condoms, the answers may also vary based on the type of product used. A wide variety of condoms are available in the market and ... Read More »

Lithium The New Oil – Which Country Has Highest Lithium Reserves?

If we look at per capita oil production, it becomes clear why countries like Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are so rich. However, as is common knowledge, the world is transitioning to an all-electric ecosystem. While the previous century was predominantly oil-based, the 21st century will see exponential growth in electric ecosystem. To support this ecosystem, the world will need ... Read More »

Faraday Future – Company Profile

Faraday Future is a California-based company founded in May 2014. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Faraday Future is focused on developing intelligent mobility solutions and products that will power the envisioned age of all-electric ecosystem. The company currently offers the FF91 all-electric and autonomous-ready car, its flagship model and ... Read More »

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