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Games No Longer Played – List Of Extinct Sports

Sports have been an integral part of human civilization and it is one of the key things that determine who we are and what we like. The evolution of sports over the years has consistently matched our own evolution. This explains why lethal sports like gladiator games have now been replaced by harmless ones such as rugby, football, etc. Similarly, ... Read More »

Which Country Has Highest Suicide Rate?

Suicide is a global phenomenon and is not limited to any particular community, country, or socio-economic status. There are various reasons why people commit suicide, some of which are financial distress, loss of a loved one, breakup, terminal illness, conviction in a crime, bullying, discrimination, etc. Mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, substance use disorders, psychosis and post-traumatic ... Read More »

Which Is The Coldest Place On Earth?

Eliminate all your man-made belongings and you will soon realize that planet earth is quite a punishing place. Without your clothes, home, and cooling and heating, it would become a great challenge to handle the summer and winter seasons and the rains. Unlike other animals, the average human body is not built to withstand extreme climate conditions. Both extreme heat ... Read More »

Most Gruesome Execution Methods In Human History

Every crime deserves punishment and the most gruesome ones are dealt with capital punishment. It’s supposed to help with preventing future crimes and also to provide justice to the victim and their loved ones. While the latter purpose is reasonable, it is not certain if capital punishment has made any real difference to crime rate. Crimes like murder, genocide, sexual ... Read More »

5 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Work

Gravity is one of the fundamental forces that make things possible in our universe. Without gravity, it would be difficult to imagine life as we see and experience on an everyday basis. It is generally assumed that gravity is the same at all locations in the world. But did you know that there are places that seem to defy the ... Read More »

PayPal invests in crypto-based tax startup

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of interest globally over the last 12 months or so, largely due to the steep rally in the price of Bitcoin during this time. However, it is also true that more and more people are understanding how cryptocurrencies work, why they were created, the advantages that they can offer over traditional fiat currencies, and that ... Read More »

Which Country Has Highest Female Population?

In nature, most species that reproduce sexually tend to have a sex ratio of 1:1. That means an equal number of males and females in the population. This is applicable to humans as well. However, due to external factors, the sex ratio in case of humans is not always 1:1. For example, things like female infanticide can tilt the balance ... Read More »

Why All Scams End With ‘Gate’ Suffix?

Ever wondered why all scams and scandals usually end with the ‘gate’ suffix? Well, there’s a complete story to it, which is considered as one of the worst developments in US political history. If you are curious to know the meaning of ‘gate’ suffix, here’s a quick look at the scandal that started it all. The Watergate scandal One of ... Read More »

Which Country Attracts Most Tourists?

There’s a traveller and explorer in each one of us, which explains why tourism is one of the biggest industries across the globe. Almost every country on the planet promotes tourism, as it is one of the key sources of revenue. However, some countries are way ahead of others in terms of the amount of revenue generated through tourism. To ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Smallest Country?

It’s true that large countries such as Russia, US, China, Australia, Canada, etc. are the real movers and shakers of the world. These countries have huge economies and occupy large areas, which is why they are among the most powerful nations in the world. However, our world is full of diversity, which is why we also have countries that are ... Read More »

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