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What Happens When You Get Shot?

Every year, thousands of people die in gunshot related incidents. Even though the probability of getting shot is quite low for an average person, the risk is always there. As we constantly see news reports of people getting shot, it makes us a bit worried about what if something similar happens to us. To better understand the risks and increase ... Read More »

How Many Bananas Will Kill You?

It is widely known that bananas are radioactive. But it does not mean that it will have any harmful effect on you. Bananas are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. As long as you consume bananas in moderation, it would be a healthy choice to make. Why bananas are radioactive? Natural radioactivity in food is a common phenomenon. ... Read More »

Where’s The Cheapest Beer In The World?

One of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks, beer is loved by people of all age groups. It’s refreshing taste, bubbly feel, cooling effect and mood boosting capabilities are among the key reasons why people prefer beer. When measured in volume, consumption of beer is way ahead in comparison to other alcoholic beverages such as whisky, wine, vodka, rum, gin, ... Read More »

Can You Make Gold In A Lab?

For hundreds of years, people from all walks of life have been thinking about creating gold from other elements and materials. Gold has been an invaluable commodity ever since it was first discovered by humans. Some of the golden artifacts found by archeologists have been dated back to fifth millennium BC. In nature, gold is usually present in the form ... Read More »

Which Is The Safest Seat On A Plane?

Air travel can appear to be risky in theoretical terms. However, data indicates that air travel is one of the safest means of transport. For every one billion miles, the death rate for air travel is just 0.07. In comparison, the death rate associated with cars is much higher at 7.28. Motorcycles are the worst with death rate of 212.57. ... Read More »

Is P2P Lending Safe And Profitable?

If you are looking for investment options, you may have come across the term ‘p2p lending’. Although the basic concept of p2p lending is not new, technology has ensured that this system works in a fine-tuned, systematic manner. It’s only through tech-based systems that the power to lend is now available to any individual who wants it. Borrowers also gain, ... Read More »

Which City Has Most Expensive Water?

Water is one of the most critical things we need to stay alive. Our body is made up of up to 60% water and it needs regular replenishment. Without water, most people can’t live more than 2-3 days. Due to climate change, water scarcity has emerged as a major issue. Several cities across the globe are facing significant challenges in ... Read More »

What Happens When Windows 10 Support Ends?

Just like its earlier versions, Microsoft will eventually end support for Windows 10. The official scheduled date to end support for Windows 10 is October 14, 2025. That means there’s around four years of time left for users. Four years is a long time, but one should remember that there are millions of Windows 10 users. Microsoft will be launching ... Read More »

How To Become An Actor?

Working in the entertainment industry can be a wonderful journey. You not only earn good money, but also gain fame and recognition. Initially, your pay could be less. However, you should not forget that top actors are paid millions for a single film, web series or TV shows. Even when you are just starting out, you can expect a 5-figure ... Read More »

How Long Can You Live With One Kidney?

Kidneys are among the key organs in our body. Working as filters, their primary function is to remove toxins from the blood. The toxins are then passed out through urine. Kidneys also perform other functions such as removing excess fluid from the body, maintaining electrolyte balance and secreting certain hormones. If our kidneys don’t work properly, it might lead to ... Read More »

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