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Why Hotels Have Flags?

Not every hotel has it, but there are quite a few of these that have flags at the entrance. The flags can be either flags of different nations or it can be just flags with different colors or other imagery / logos on them. If you are wondering why hotels have flags on them, here are some reasons that make ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Longest Movie?

Most movies we see are usually 90 to 180 minutes long. If we take an average, it would be close to around two hours. And that’s understandable because anything longer could stress us out physically and mentally. Longer movies could also bore us, as human attention levels are not infinite. It’s the reason why most movie makers like to keep ... Read More »

10 Great Reasons Why People Prefer Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a popular wood-based product for home construction. It has many benefits, including the ability to last decades without needing replacement. Wood floors are also resistant to moisture damage, and they do not require the same maintenance as other types of wood products. The wood type that you choose will affect the price and durability of your wood ... Read More »

World’s Tallest “Unconquered” Mountains – Wanna Try?

We all have climbed mountains, small or big, at some point in our lives. We also know that the world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest has been climbed thousands of times by thousands of individuals. But it should not let you into assuming that humanity has conquered all the mighty peaks on planet earth. The reality is that there are still ... Read More »

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Number One Man

Credit: Cristian Dina via Pexels It’s June again, which means a couple of things. One: we can finally say that summer is here to stay. The sun is shining, and the weather’s warm. And two: it’s Father’s Day! North America celebrates Father’s Day on June 20th this year, so be sure to get your dad something special in time for the big day. ... Read More »

Which Plane Can Fly At Highest Altitude?

For most of us, the highest we can get is around 42,000 ft. That’s usually the highest altitude at which commercial planes fly. The cruising altitude of commercial airliners is in the range of 33,000 ft. to 42,000 ft. This is considered as the perfect height in terms of the amount of lift available for planes to fly and the ... Read More »

Who Is World’s Unluckiest Person?

There may not be an established mathematical formula to explain ‘luck’. But many of us believe that it exists. Luck could favor us in innumerable ways such as winning a lottery, finding someone special, clearing an exam, getting our dream job, surviving disasters, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the phenomenon called ‘being unlucky’. This too ... Read More »

Who Is World’s Youngest Billionaire (2021)?

How many years does it take to become a billionaire? Well, there’s no clear answer for that, as billionaires can be found at different age groups. Some acquire their wealth in very short time whereas others may have to work for it for several decades. In today’s age, people working in the software and tech industry can acquire billions pretty ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Biggest Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools come in various shapes and sizes. From small sized pools meant for homes to large Olympic sized pools that typically measure 50 meters in length. So, are there any larger ones out there? Well, if you believe that an Olympic sized pool is as big as it can get, you need to think again. That’s because there are ... Read More »

How Doctors Know When Someone Is Dead?

Diagnosing death may not be as easy as it sounds. It is possible that the person may just be unconscious or has entered a state of coma. Also, there have been various cases where people have literally been back from the dead. For example, the phenomenon of auto resuscitation is widely known in the medical fraternity. In such cases, the ... Read More »

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