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Who Is World’s Unluckiest Person?

There may not be an established mathematical formula to explain ‘luck’. But many of us believe that it exists. Luck could favor us in innumerable ways such as winning a lottery, finding someone special, clearing an exam, getting our dream job, surviving disasters, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the phenomenon called ‘being unlucky’. This too ... Read More »

Who Is World’s Youngest Billionaire (2021)?

How many years does it take to become a billionaire? Well, there’s no clear answer for that, as billionaires can be found at different age groups. Some acquire their wealth in very short time whereas others may have to work for it for several decades. In today’s age, people working in the software and tech industry can acquire billions pretty ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Biggest Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools come in various shapes and sizes. From small sized pools meant for homes to large Olympic sized pools that typically measure 50 meters in length. So, are there any larger ones out there? Well, if you believe that an Olympic sized pool is as big as it can get, you need to think again. That’s because there are ... Read More »

How Doctors Know When Someone Is Dead?

Diagnosing death may not be as easy as it sounds. It is possible that the person may just be unconscious or has entered a state of coma. Also, there have been various cases where people have literally been back from the dead. For example, the phenomenon of auto resuscitation is widely known in the medical fraternity. In such cases, the ... Read More »

What To Do When You Win The Lottery Jackpot?

A win in lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions can make you a multi-millionaire overnight. Just for records, the jackpot amount in 2016 Powerball was a staggering 1.586 billion. This was the highest ever recorded. Even if you consider the lower end, lottery jackpots can easily fetch you around a couple of hundred millions. So, what to do ... Read More »

What Happens If You Prank Call 911?

An easy to remember emergency number, 911 can be used to get help from police, paramedics, fire department, etc. 911 service is available at most locations across United States and Canada. While the emergency telephone number has emerged as a potent tool to provide timely help and save lives, the system faces challenges on several fronts. One of these is ... Read More »

Top 5 Biggest Software Programs (Lines Of Code)

Irrespective of whether we are conscious of it or not, we interact with software programs on a daily basis. It’s in our smartphone, computer, washing machine, car, computer games, websites, and everything else in the digital and electronic realm. Software programs have made life simpler for us, even though we seldom take note of their contributions. When talking about software ... Read More »

How LATOKEN is emerging as a credible crypto exchange

For the new-age users, simple user interface takes priority over plethora of confusing options to deal with. This is where LATOKEN exchange comes up with a revolutionary platform to simplify the process of buying and selling crypto currencies In the last few years, the growth of cryptocurrency has been exceptional in spite of the challenges faced by it. The digital ... Read More »

USA Vs. China – Who Will Win?

Humanity has always fought wars and the practice continues till today. We already had two World Wars and experts say that the possibility of a third world war cannot be denied. Our inclination to fight comes from laws of the nature, where only the best survive. When two adversaries face each other, there are bound to be some fireworks. In ... Read More »

What’s The Difference Between Sea And Ocean?

Many people tend to use the terms ‘sea’ and ‘ocean’ interchangeably. The general perception is that oceans are larger and seas are smaller. So, is that the only difference between sea and ocean? Well, the size thing may be true, but it is not the only difference between sea and ocean. There are various other factors that differentiate a sea ... Read More »

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