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John Boozman

An American politician, John Boozman currently serves as the senator from Arkansas. He earlier used to work as an optometrist. John is a member of the Republican Party. He has a long political career, starting with the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. His innings in U.S. Senate began in 2010 when he won the 2010 senate election in Arkansas. ... Read More »

Which Is The World’s Oldest Political Party?

Humans started with politics several centuries back. As a matter of fact, politics can be traced back to the time from when written records and verifiable evidence is available. However, if we talk about political parties, the trend is just a couple of centuries old. In earlier times, regions were usually ruled by their respective kings. The old system was ... Read More »

7 Most Painful Things You Can Experience – Try Not To Scream

One of the key differences between a human and a machine is that we have the ability to experience pain. It is a part of our survival mechanism, which tells us that something is not right with the body. Pain helps us identify the problem area and take steps to fix it. Pain is also part of the healing process, ... Read More »

Try On These 4 Hot Sunglasses for Girls for the Perfect Look

Sunglasses for girls have become an essential part of fashion accessorising. Apart from protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, they also play a major role in uplifting your overall look and the feel of your outfits. A great pair of shades can make you look good and feel good, too, as they give you an air of confidence ... Read More »

CII – iPATE 2.0 (2021) | Matches Technical Talent to Industry needs | For Graduate Engineers only

CII – iPATE 2.0 (2021) | Matches Technical Talent to Industry needs | For Graduate Engineers only  Computer Based Test for 18 Engineering disciplines from 100+ Exam Centers across 25+ States & UTs | Score valid for 3 years | Exam in August, 2021 (tentative) | Exam Fee: INR 1,500/- New Delhi, Jun 21, 2021 – Unlike mainstream recruitment exams ... Read More »

Who Cheats More – Men Or Women?

It is generally believed that men are more unfaithful to their partners than women. So, is that true? Well, if we look at data from various surveys, the number of men who cheat is higher than that of women. However, before you jump to conclusions, it is important to note that things have changed dramatically over the last century. Moreover, ... Read More »

Countries With “ZERO” Tax – Wanna Immigrate?

Taxation may be necessary from government’s perspective, but it is often a burden for taxpayers. Taxation takes away your hard earned money and is usually a complex, cumbersome process. Taxpayers usually have to hire a certified accountant to fulfill their tax obligations. Ask taxpayers and most would be quite happy if their tax burden can be eliminated. Can that be ... Read More »

What Is Disease X

After recent findings of new viruses in humans, leading epidemiologists predict that more such viruses may emerge in the future. At present, around 3-4 entirely new viruses are being discovered every year. This rate is expected to increase in the coming years. Most of these viruses originate from animals. some examples of diseases caused by these viruses include Ebola virus ... Read More »

Top 5 Richest Farmers In The World

When someone says farmer, we usually think of a person who works in the farm all day long. That may be true, but things have changed dramatically for famers with new tools and technologies. Current generation farmers utilize new scientific techniques and heavy equipment, which have helped them increase produce as well as improve quality of produce. Farmers have also ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive Smartphones – Wanna Buy?

With their origins in early 1990s, smartphones have come a long way. They have evolved to become sleeker, smarter and a lot more intelligent. Smartphones have also become cheaper, making them accessible to a much wider customer base. At the other end, there are hi-tech phones that are technologically much more advanced. These command premium pricing and not everyone can ... Read More »

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