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Ayur Defence AV- People’s Protective Armour for COVID-19 Infection

October 2020: With a global pandemic taking the world by storm day-by-day, doctors and scientists all over the world are in search of a cure, hopefully, long-lasting. Amidst this chaos and race for securing a treatment for the virus, certain healthcare companies and frontline workers have resorted to organic treatment plans bound to help those ailing from the disease. Ayurveda, the organic science of life, has emerged as one such leading treatment plan which has proved to be effective in strengthening one’s immunity enough to fight the deadly COVID-19 infection.

For over 35 years, this practice of Ayurveda is being carried out with utmost dedication incorporating Ancient Vedic Wisdom and Modern Science by Maharishi Ayurveda, a household name in the Ayurvedic field. With its footprints in over 40 countries, Maharishi Ayurveda has brought about efficacy, brilliant quality and consistency in its products. After undergoing vigorous testing, these products have been found to be effective in several frontline medical institutions in countries like Germany, USA, France, and Japan along with India.

The AyurDefence AV is one such successful brainchild of Maharishi Ayurveda; a powerful synergy of 19 Ayurvedic Herbs, the product supports the physiology in fighting off viral infections and seasonal flu. Not only this, it also helps in the enhancement of one’s immunity to ensure that illnesses do not recur. It is an established fact that there is no medicine which can kill the virus, it is our immunity with a strong defence mechanism alone that can handle it by creating an appropriate response.

Viruses such as COVID 19 or seasonal flu etc. initially show symptoms of common problems like runny nose, sore throat, body ache, chills, shortness of breath due to weak immunity if AyurDefence AV is taken at that initial stage, body’s defence mechanism supported by AyurDefence can check further multiplication of the virus and can easily cure and prevent the disease. Therefore at the mere occurrence of any of these symptoms, the product must be consumed to prevent it from becoming something tough to handle.

It carries the synergy of the benefits of the 19 herbs which create it; Tulsi, Bilva, Chirayata, Khas, Vasa, Kalmegh, Kulanjan, Kachur, Kali-Mirch, Ginger, Pippali (Piper Longum), Liquorice, Giloy, Sonth (Dry Ginger), Lahsun (Garlic), Mulethi and more. Most of these are anti-viral, anti-allergic and analgesic in nature, also helping in the reduction of improperly-digested toxins. This puts a halt to the creation of weak points in an individual’s body, and strengthens their respiratory system in particular.

Apart from all of these benefits, AyurDefence AV also boasts of solving other problems people generally go through- it decreases microbial load, balances excess mucus, strengthens the upper respiratory system, and builds one’s immunity. Priced at just INR 270 for a pack of 20 tablets, AyurDefence AV must be consumed as per proper dosage: 1-2 tablets twice or thrice a day with warm water (for adults), and ½ to 1 tablet twice a day with warm water (for children). In a concerning time when there is a need to take care of one’s own self and have a strong immune system, people of all age groups can rely on Maharishi Ayurveda’s 19-herb synergy, AyurDefence AV.

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