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Ayushmaan Bhavah Launches Free Health Check-ups on Sundays

Health is the real wealth and helping people create this invaluable asset is Ayushmaan Bhavah, a leading wellness and Ayurvedic treatment center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Ayushmaan Bhavah focuses on holistic, Ayurveda-based approaches that work well as a preventive measure and also provide effective treatment for various types of ailments. The wellness and Ayurveda treatment options available at Ayushmaan Bhavah are based on the ancient Indian knowledgebase that’s estimated to be more than 5,000 years old. The treatment methodologies and medicinal herbs prescribed as per Ayurveda have successfully passed scientific scrutiny and they are being increasingly accepted globally.Ayushmaan Bhavah has benefitted thousands of patients, who were experiencing health issues such as thyroid problems, gastrointestinal diseases, lung diseases, hematology disorders, stone, tumor, arthritis, skin disorders, sexual health issues, etc. Ayurvedic treatment at Ayushmaan Bhavah comprises time-tested Ayurveda therapies, use of medicinal herbs & oils and Ayurveda massage.

Ayushmaan Bhavah is a leading provider of Panchkarma ayurvedic treatment in Ahmedabad, which comprises various therapies such as Shirodhara, Nasyakarma, Kativasti, and Januvasti. These can be used to prevent diseases as well as to cure existing diseases and health issues. These therapies also work as part of the wellness program that is geared towards helping people to avoid stress, anxiety and lifestyles diseases.

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Ayushmaan Bhavah’s successful track record in providing long-term relief and cure to patients can be attributed to its distinguished leaders and Ayurveda doctors. One such leader is Dr. Sushma Tiwari, a leading Ayurveda consultant at Ayushmaan Bhavah. Dr. Sushma Tiwari is a highly qualified Ayurveda professional with BAMS from Calcutta University and PGD in Rasa Shastra (CRAV). She has also received certification from the National Academy of Ayurveda for Management of Skin Diseases.

Dr. Sushma Tiwari has worked at various leading Ayurveda centers across the country and has extensive knowledge in Ayurveda treatment and wellness programs. She is a caring and kind-hearted person and quite popular among patients who visit Ayushmaan Bhavah. She has the gift to identify the root cause of diseases and prescribe appropriate Ayurvedic treatment that can ensure long-term relief to patients.

Ayurveda treatments provided at Ayushmaan Bhavah are based on ancient Indian wisdom and they do not compete with conventional allopathic treatment. The focus is on non-invasive treatment approaches such as Panchkarma and Ayurveda massage. The primary objective is either prevention or to achieve a complete cure, so that patients can get long-term relief. There is no risk of complications since Ayurveda therapies and treatments are completely free from side-effects.

To help people achieve good health, Ayushmaan Bhavah has recently started providing free consultancy on Sundays. This is a good opportunity to get your health evaluated by expert Ayurveda doctors. The doctors at Ayushmaan Bhavah will examine your health profile and let you know about the health risks and next steps, if needed. To book your free consultancy at Ayushmaan Bhavah, can use below mentioned Details:

Zone#1 Center

10 Jaswant Society 
Opposite of Satyam Mall 
Near Kameshwar Vidyalaya 
Ahmedabad – 380015
Phone : 079 – 2674 3674 
Email :


By: Dr. Sushma Tiwari

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