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B5’s Beach Festival 2021 at The Resort’

Biriyani, Beer, Beach, Barbeque & Bonfire

Revive your weekends with an enthralling view of the sea and bonfire. Gorge into the aromatic flavours and fragrance of steaming hot Biriyani and BBQ along with chilled Beer at The Resort, B5’s Beach Festival. So, this February, come and have a soothing get together with your love loved clubbed with great food and serene surroundings.

The fest offers a wide range of mouth-watering specialties with a fine concoction of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Biryanis and BBQ. The vegetarian menu will include varieties of dishes like Hyderabadi vegetable biryani, Kesari paneer tikka, Tandoori aloo, Exotic vegetables and jacket potato while the non-vegetarians will be served Brick seared chicken, Pan seared fish, Nawabi murgh tikka, Kali mirch ka murgh tikka & Awadhi murgh biryani. You can relish these dishes with your favourite chutneys like Mint Chutney, Laccha, Lemon, Burani raita, Boondi raita & Mirch ka salan. So, join in for the fest and be a part of the delectable varieties of Biryanis and BBQ along with chilled beer and cosy bonfire.

What: ‘B5’s Beach Festival 2021 at The Resort Mumbai’

Where: The Resort Mumbai

When: 16th, 23rd & 30th January (Only on Saturday’s)

Time: 7:30 PM-10:00 PM

Call: 9819877316/9920183520

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