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Bali… For the Best Vacation Ever

Bali is blessed with beautiful coastline, forests, remnants of old architecture, coral reefs, waterfalls, picturesque mountains and retreats. All these make Bali the perfect place of leisure, a haven for the adventurous and the explorers, and the favorable place for tourists seeking for absolute relaxation and fragrant cuisine.

Daily Budget (Excluding Accomodation)

If you are travelling to Bali on a shoestring budget, you would spend about USD 40 as a daily budget ( this includes food and travel expenses too).

However, a more comfortable travel need about USD 60 – 70, and if you prefer a luxury travel, your budget would reach more than USD 100.

The USD are accepted almost everywhere, so there is no need to exchange currency.

Traditional Food in Bali

There are delicious, unique Balinese cuisine in Bali including yam pinging ( it consists of grilled chicken and seafood with some vegetables), ayamtutu (chicken and spices), pieces of meat with peanut sauce, fried plantain or fried cakes with jaggery, and a special kind of traditional coffee.


Although most of the citizens in Bali are Muslims, it is also considered the home to unique forms of Hinduism and Buddhism. There are various temples, customs, traditions and festivals dedicated to every faith. 

Get Amazed by The Charm of Bali

Bali has a lot of unique, fabulous places which attract tourists from all over the world, including:

1- Temples
Bali provides a unique insight into its culture through a vast number of temples.

2- Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Bali which attracts a lot of tourists especially couples seeking a romantic trip.

3- Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali is the prime museum for Balinese Culture.

4- Bali Bird and Reptile Park

Children and adults can enjoy discovering many kinds of birds and reptiles in an unforgettable journey in this amazing Park.

5- Ayung River Rafting

For all people who enjoy white river rafting, Bali offers the best place for this sport at the Ayung River.

6- Scuba Diving
Diving and exploring the fascinating depths of marine life are popular sports in Bali.

7- Mount Agung

Enjoy the natural views and climbing mountains at the highest mountain in the province, Mount Agung.

8- Hot Springs

If you are seeking a quiet place to rest and enjoy the nature, then you can relax and spend a wonderful time at the hot springs of Bali.

9- Adventure Sports
Bali offers the best adventure sports including surfing, bungee-jumping and parasailing.

10- Dolphin Watching
To complete exploring the nature in Bali, you can’t miss watching the dolphins in their natural habitat, frolicking with the waves.

Language of Bali

Usually, the Balinese and Bahasa Indonesian are the two major languages in Bali, but most of the locals can talk and understand the basics of English.

Nightlife in Bali

After midnight, you can start enjoy the nightlife in Bali at popular clubs with the bars and clubbing gaining ground. You can find the best clubs at Kuta and Seminyak.

Shopping in Bali

Bali offers distinctive shopping experiences at its thrift stores, art markets, night markets, antique stores and Balinese souvenir stores as well as the Kuta Beachwalk and Discovery Mall.

Bali is an amazing place for a superb vacation.

What you are waiting to book your next trip to Bali?

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