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Ballabgarh lynching main accused arrested from Maharashtra

Newspatrolling: The police have made a major breakthrough in the Ballabgarh lynching case, in which, 16-year-old Junaid Khan was stabbed to death on a train in Haryana last month. Earlier, five people accused of being involved in the crime were arrested, but the main culprit was nowhere to be found. However, the police have now arrested that man who had allegedly stabbed Junaid Khan. The suspect was arrested from Dhule district in Maharashtra and he will be presented in court tomorrow. Just a few days back, Haryana police had admitted that they had committed a mistake in identifying the main accused in the case. The police had also offered Rs 2 lakh for any information leading to the arrest of the main accused.

One of the main problems police faced in the case was that no one was willing to act as witnesses. The train was packed with people, and yet no one came forward to provide any valuable information. It is also very surprising to note that one of the accused who was arrested earlier in connection with the case is an employee of the Delhi government. Police acted based only on information provided by Junaid’s brother Haseeb and two cousins, who were also injured in the attack.

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