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BandishProjekt is back with a bang

Mayur Narvekar a Composer, Producer, DJ, Performer and Multi-instrumentalist who expresses the musicality through BandishProjekt is all set with a new album.

2016-12-20-11_45_46-bandishprojekt-is-back-with-a-bang-newspatrollinggmail-com-gmailHis latest EP release by BandishProjekt features Mumbai Rap Crew Swadesi MC Mawali& MC TodFod. This EP was created over the last 12 months with different subjects covering various elements of Street life in Mumbai, The Music Video for KarNatak which has been filmed in the heart of labor camp in the heart of Dharavi Mumbai and Dakla- a recreation celebrating the Hindu festival of Navaratri with Gujarati Rap from MC TodFod.

The tracks include KarNatak Feat MC Mawali& MC TodFod which is a combination Konnakol and RapThe name “KarNatak shows how people fake and show a different picture to the world, also it has too much of the truth about the worldly affairs. It has “Konnakol”, the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in Carnatic music.

The other surprising track is Dakla, purest form of Gujarati folk musicThis is the first collaboration of Gujarati rap and Dakla. It is said to be a heavier dose Gondhal. For the world’s longest traditional dance festival you need something to trip on and take you into trance.

The super exciting one is Ek Se Aanth which is a translate from 1 to 8. It is the latest India streets of “India Grime”. It talks about the real life and the reel picture that is shown to the world.

You will not get over the next track Maqsad- “Aim”. The melody is the experiment between Vocal percussion and Hindi Rap music

And the most amazing one for all the Mumbaikars, Mumbai Aamchi, the Street Sounds profiling MC Mawali and his day to day life and life experiences.

Mayur has been a classical Tabla player. He was born in Mumbai and rose in Ahmadabad. In 2009 BandishProjekt released its first album “Correkt”. This was followed by single, “Brown Skin Beauty”. In 2011, BandishProjekt released EP’s “Chase” & “Lover”.BandishProjekt was nominated for the EMA (2012) in the best regional act category for the track “Lover”. Alchemy in 2014 wins HBO Grand Jury prize at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, Dada SahebPhalke Award for the best editing music video, NFFTY the best jury mention, VH1 Sound Nation best music video, & the ‘Best Electronic Music Composition at IRAA. BandishProjekt won GIMA in 2014 for the Best EDM track “Trap” Awarded for excellence in mixing and recording engineer of the year at the IRAA for the “Common Tongue Ep” 2016.

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