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Basic requirements for a student visa in Australia

Australia is the largest continent in the world. Australia has top universities in which students are coming from different international countries. The country provides various vocational courses and top graduate and postgraduate courses. If you have planned to stay in Australia then a student’s visa is the best option.

According to the student visa rule 500 subclass the student can stay in Australia for study purposes.

They can study in Australia for 5 years according to the rule 500 subclass.
So what are the documents required for the Australian visa?
Financial proof for hostel facility, tuition fees, and flight expenses.
Language proficiency test in which you have got a 7.5 band in IELTS.
Valid passport.
Fees for visa application.
Proof for health insurance.

Australia Study Visa Consultants in Punjab helps the students with their parents for the smooth process of visa application. According to the students interest in the course and their qualification, we can suggest the best university in which they can go to study. You can go online for submitting the students visa application. The application should be submitted 6
weeks back.

In Australia, you can obtain the certificate through various programs:

Degree for Associate program
If the student is interested in a short duration diploma instead of a bachelors degree they can go for it.

Bachelor degree
The bachelors degree is for Honours certification, the duration of the course is 4 years.

Certificate for graduate
This course is for 6 months.

Diploma for a graduate course
This course is for 1 year

Master degree
This course is for 2 years.

So what is the process to study in Australia?

  •  You have to choose the course which you study and the university name
  •  You have to apply to the University.
  • You should get the offer letter
  • You have to apply for a student visa called subclass 500

Once the students have submitted all documents at Australia study visa consultants in Punjab then we will apply for the offer letter for the student.

Documents required for the offer letter
Original passport
School leaving certificate.
10 and 12 class certificate
Any it course certificate.
Master or bachelor degree certificate
IELTS certificate.

So what are the expenses for the different courses?
Diploma course         $8800 to $31000
Graduate degree       $16000 to $ 34000
Master degree           $21000 to $ 38000

Why the Australian universities are considered to be the best university because the students can work during their internship program.

So there are various fields in which the students can work
Sales and marketing
So we have said earlier the students who have passed 12 the class and who have pass IELTS with score 6.5 can go for study visa for Australia.
These are the requirements which you have to keep in your mind If you have hired an immigration consultant you should go for a registered Immigration agent.

All the visa process is now done through an online process and you can do it through immi account.
Visa processing times range from 1 to 2 months.

The student can go for multiple entry visa in Australia for the studies. Once the Australian university has given the admission letter or acceptance letter the student has to make a student visa which will be valid for the course which will be valid either for graduation degree or else masters degree.

Immigration consultants for Australia in Punjab will help in all these processes for the student so that the student can easily go to Australia to study and get a good job opportunity after completing their course. Immigration consultants in Indoz Oversea provide the complete range of visa services like student visa, permanent visa, business immigration at reasonable fees. Our experts have complete knowledge of the complex process of immigration for the student in Australia and will help you with hassle-free immigration options for Australia. We at Indoz Overseas provides you with top educational university and a great opportunity for professional job opportunities. Immigration consultants for Australia in Punjab provides all the necessity like:

  • A suitable course-English or language which can speak in Australia.
  •  The duration of the visa for studying in Australia.
  •  The process for applying for the visa.
  •  The policies for the renewal of visa which is required for Australia.

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