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Basic treatments for liver cirrhosis


People, who are in the early stage of cirrhosis, generally do not face any symptoms. It is detected through a blood test or check up. If the doctor finds there is any problem with the liver, they might suggest some other tests to detect if there is cirrhosis.

The major tests that are done includes liver function test. Here the blood is checked for excess bilrubin which shows whether the red blood cells are breaking down or not. There are also presences of certain enzymes that can indicate the liver damage. Then there is kidney function test which shows if the kidney function is okay or not. There are also tests conducted to find out if there are any hepatitis viruses.

There are some best doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment who can go for some elaborate tests in a patient. One is the magnetic resonance elastography or the transient elastography. This finds if there is any hardening or stiffening of the liver and if this test is done then there is no need to do a liver biopsy. Then there are MRI and CT scans done to create the image of the liver. Biopsy is also done if needed. A tissue sample is not necessarily needed in order to diagnose cirrhosis. But the doctor can do this test to find out of there is severity in case of liver damage. If you have cirrhosis, your doctor is likely to recommend regular diagnostic tests to monitor for signs of disease progression or complications, especially oesophageal varices and liver cancer.

Now what is the treatment procedure of this disease? Well, it completely depends on the extent of the liver damage. The treatment is to slow down the process of scar tissue in the liver to treat the complications of the disease. But if one has severe liver damage, then they need to be admitted in the hospital.

If one has a habit of drinking and they are diagnosed with cirrhosis then they need to stop alcohol immediately. This is because; alcohol is very toxic to liver. Then one has to control their body weight. People with cirrhosis caused by non alcoholic fatty liver disease may become healthier if they lose weight and control their blood sugar levels. It is important to maintain adequate protein intake while going for a weight loss program in order to treat cirrhosis. If the liver is damaged by Hepatitis infection then medications are needed to control it. Medications may also slow the progression of certain types of liver cirrhosis. For example if people with primary biliary cirrhosis is diagnosed early then medication may significantly delay progression of cirrhosis.

There are other medicines to give relief to certain uneasiness like fatigue, pain and itching. There are also nutritional supplements which can be used to counter the malnutrition and weak bones syndrome.

Antibiotics and other treatments are also done to prevent infection. One can also be recommended some vaccinations for pneumonia and influenza. But if it is too complicated and severe, one needs to go for a liver transplantation.

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