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Bean Bag – Tips on Care and Cleaning


Now that you’ve purchased a bean bag, you want to relax — but first you need to know how to care for your bean bag.  They are normally much easier to care for and clean than traditional Sofas because of the removability of the covers and the fact that the fabrics can normally be hand or machine washed.

To keep your bean bag in good condition for a long time, here are some pointers:

  1.  Do not place bean bags on rough surfaces (i.e. concrete, outdoor surfaces)
  2.  Do not jump on bean bag chairs
  3.  Avoid sitting in chair while wearing clothing/accessories with sharp metal edges (i.e. belt buckles, wristbands, jewelry)
  4.  Keep away from animals with claws that can puncture the fabric

Cleaning Your Bean Bag:

Classique Black And Yellow Bean Bag, Rs 799To Clean Leatherette Fabric Bean Bags:                                                                      To remove general dirty areas use water and a mild detergent. Liquid dish soap is a great option. For more stubborn marks, a soft-bristle toothbrush used in a circular motion should work and then just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Please don’t immerse in water or try to steam clean.

To Clean Leather Bean Bags:
To remove general dirty areas use a soft bristle toothbrush and water with a mild detergent with a circular motion and then wipe clean with a dry cloth. If you’ve got a stubborn mark, another option is to try specialty cleaners made for cleaning vehicle fabrics. Cleaners for the soft tops of convertibles will clean nylon and can be found at automotive care stores. Please do not immerse in water.

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