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Beat the monsoon blues with SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals

Embrace the Phytogel Mineral Foaming Cleanser, Clarifying Toner & Dead Sea Facial Mask for glowing, flawless skin all through the rainy season

2015-05-30_13-00_Beat the monsoon blues withAs the onset of the monsoon approaches, are you already dreading the toll that humidity and damp weather will take on your skin? It’s time to stop worrying and do something about the ravages of the rains. SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, the leading company specializing in manufacture and distribution of skincare products brings you the ideal way to beat the monsoon blues and enjoy the sprinkle in all its glory.

Say goodbye to oily skin, bacterial infections and enlarged pores with the three miracle products best suited for this season: The Phytogel Mineral Foaming Cleanser, the Intensive Mineral Rich Clarifying Toner and the Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask. Enriched with the goodness of Dead Sea salts and other vital minerals, these three monsoon essentials will fight excessive oil, detox and improve overall skin texture with regular use.

Speaking on their benefits, Manisha Chopra, Co-founder, SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals said, “Monsoon is one season when we need to pay a lot of attention to our skin. The play of humidity, rains and increased chances of bacterial infections can wreak havoc if not dealt with meticulously. It is essential to rely on products that leverage the holistic goodness of nature for rejuvenated and nourished skin during this tricky season.”

The Phytogel Mineral Foaming Cleanser contains revolutionary Dead Sea Pearls that melt to release minerals into the skin and cleanse it of all impurities. With Noni Fruit and Lemon Balm, this product is ideal for removing make-up, residual oils, preventing acne, soothing and healing the skin.

As one is always advised to avoid alcoholic toners in the monsoon, switch to the Intensive Mineral Rich Clarifying Toner this year and see the difference. It minimises enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles that are a common occurrence in this weather. The Green Algae promote cell growth and Goji Berries reduce blemishes and make the skin look firmer and healthier.

The Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask helps heal dull and tired skin. As we tend to sweat a lot more in the Indian monsoon, the body loses many essential salts making us look and feel dehydrated. The mask counteracts this problem by infusing the skin with a natural glow. The additional elements of Moroccan Argan and Plant Stem Cells hydrate and improve texture tremendously.

Employ all three products on a regular basis for that supple, soft skin all through monsoon. Keep your pores unclogged and skin healthy with the re-hydrating powers of natural ingredients. SeaSoul your way through the drizzle and enjoy the shower in the knowledge that your skin is being pampered right!

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