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Beating the laziness in office with eating habits

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We have often noticed that we feel lazier during our office hours and keep on wondering how to overcome it. Overcoming laziness is not working according to a plan and sticking to it, but how we take care of ourselves through our food and keep us energized.

Dietician Sheela Seharawat says that often being dehydrated or bloated leaves us tired and lazy and changing the way we drink and eat is the answer to overcome office laziness. According to her diet plans eating lots or fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and oily fish for brain power is the correct way to combat laziness. Make sure to consume enough water to keep hydrated and active.

Feeling lazy, disinterested and unmotivated is one of the biggest deterrents to achieving success in life. Although it’s very tempting to do, the fact is that doing nothing translates to achieving nothing.Eating doesn’t have to be a trial but it shouldn’t engulf you either. Can you begin eating for excellent health now without starving yourself? Take a look at your eating habits.

  1. Smaller meals –

Eat six small meals instead of three large ones. By satisfying your hunger pangs before they overwhelm you, you can defeat hunger before it takes over.

  1. Eat your favorites first

Eat what you enjoy. When fixing your plate try selecting only two or three of your favorite things. Just because there’s plenty of options doesn’t mean you have to eat all of them. At restaurants appetizer samplers as an entrée and doggie bags can help you accomplish this in a pinch. Eating for excellent health now does not mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds.

  1. Stop being lazy and take up to good and effective eating habits to stay active and overcome laziness while at work or any other place.The healthiest snacks are usually those that combine food groups. Think trail mix. Nutritional value, flavor, and variety.Can’t get better then that! Try some of these delicious pairings!
  2. Apples and peanut butter
  3. Organic crackers and hummus (a personal favorite!)
  4. Graham crackers and peanut butter
  5. Yogurt and dried fruit

e. Cheese and fruit

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