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Beauvivo Hand Crafts Natural Beauty Products Based on Tradition, Science and Purpose

SYLVA, NC – 08/09/2017  — Handmade soaps produced in Western North Carolina from high quality natural ingredients.

The beginning of Beauvivo started many years ago when owner, Bryant Belin, would sneak away to watch his grandmother mix batches of crude bar soap that she made and gave to her family. His grandmother learned her craft from her mother and grandmother. They made soap in a process quite similar to how African Black Soap was made. Their soap formulation grew from using hot ash and plantain leaves, to later including lye and grease. While these soaps were very effective at cleaning, they were also very harsh on the skin due to the nature of the ingredients. Learning from these traditional processes, Bryant would also study the underlying chemical science to formulate gentle, yet effective, skin care products. Then, he spent 3 more years perfecting his process before deciding to open Beauvivo.

To ensure that they create a better skin care product, Beauvivo’s formulation requires the use of high quality, natural ingredients. In fact, a large portion of the ingredients are USDA Certified Organic. Furthermore, they forgo the large batch process of adding chemicals. Soap making started off as a craft and product only available from artisans and small businesses such as Beauvivo. Later, larger manufacturing companies began monopolizing on soapmaking; making the products in very large batches and removing the naturally occurring glycerin from the soap to sell as a separate item. With the glycerin removed, this resulted in a bar that was much cheaper but also very harsh for your skin. Manufactured soaps are also loaded with additional chemicals such as sulfates, formaldehyde, parabens and others and are, essentially, little bars of detergent, instead of moisturizing and hydrating bars of soapy goodness such as what Beauvivo offers.

Since starting their business in December of 2016, Beauvivo is seeing steady growth and new distribution. Selling predominantly online through their website and Amazon, they also create custom batches for customers and wholesale clients. For example. one of the more exciting custom creations was a batch of breast milk soap recommended to one of their customers by her doctor. Partnering with Devoted Human, Beauvivo also makes soaps just for pets. They offer wholesale orders to any local stores, custom orders for wedding favors, gas stations/truck stops, bed & breakfast and hotel locations, birthday parties and others.

Beauvivo has a broad range of skin care products such as Essential Oil Soaps, Exfoliating Soap Bars, Fragrance Blend Scented Soaps, Herbal Bath Salts and Natural Body Butters. There are also many new products coming soon, including Holiday Soaps, new essential oil soap varieties and a few gift set options. If you are looking for a tried and tested, natural skin care product range, then visit Beauvivo today.

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