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Because of my mother, knows it all

It is honestly tough to start with a blog that tells about my mother. Like every other mother in the world, my mother is incredible. She has been a friend in times of need and a mentor when I deviated from the ideal path. Moreover, she is the one who has always pushed me to be what I wanted to be. She had her dreams for me, but, she let them go just because for her, my dreams were more meaningful.

She was with me when I told her about the guy I love; in fact, she was the one who secretly convinced the whole family. Yes, she does all this, like every mother in the world, selflessly and with true devotion.

I can easily compare her with Bollywood mothers. Not any particular one but my mother is a perfect mix of two Bollywood mother; Shabana Azmi from Neerja and Dolly Ahluwalia from Vicky Donor.

Yes, my mother is concerned about me a lot and at the same time, she is a fun loving mother who has molded her to match the footprints of her young generation kids.

She stands outside the house till the time we do not arrive home after the dark. She is concerned about me being a girl and strolling out late but at the same time she motivates me to live life free and to chase my dreams, one confusing creature mothers are.

I am an emotional kind of a daughter something that I have inherited from my mother. She is too deep inside. But one cannot measure her depth seeing the tough face she maintains. She loves cooking and I love munching her delectable food. She would have made a great chef, if offered the right opportunity; sadly she didn’t get anything like that.

Just like Shabana Azmi from Neerja, she is concerned about my well-being and does all that Pooja Path to ensure her family is safe and sound. And when it’s time to have fun and festivities, she is Mrs. Arora from Vicky Donor. She is a lady who knows how to enjoy every moment despite the hardships in life. The only minus here is that my mother does not drink but she loves makeup and her hundreds of sarees that sit perfectly in her wardrobe.

I and my mother share a great bond. I understand why she says no but still has a good fight with her for the denial. At the same time, she would understand why I am after something but would restrict me because she knows better.

I am married now and my mother has changed, she is less restrictive& less intervening. She let me decide my own terms because she knows that she has brought me up with lots of care and values that today as a wife, a mother and a daughter in law, I am capable of bringing glory to her upbringing.

My mother is special, she understands me without me ushering a word to her. She is my soul mate; yes my mother is my soul mate because she is the one who gave me my soul, my life. Thanks mumma for being what you are. Love you Maa!!

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