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Beer Is Good For You, Find Out The Shocking Reasons

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Have you ever given a thought of how beer is good for your health? Yes, it’s true that beer is fine for your health. Drinking beer is good for you in a point of facts. There is a wide-ranging conception that alcohol, beer and wines are not good for health.

Here are 10 shocking reasons that show that drinking beer is not bad for you if you have in a controlled way:

 Kidney: Beer keeps your kidneys hale and hearty and is better for your kidney. In actual fact, each bottle of beer reduces the risk of budding kidney stones among the other alcoholic beverages.

 Beer and Brain: Scientists have discovered that having one beer or two can boost up your creativeness. ‘Xanthohumol’ is a type of element found in beer that helps in cognitive function and memory development in young adults. It keeps your brain youthful. 

 Live Long: Yes, beer makes you to be alive longer. Normal and restrained beer drinkers are expected to die in a given time than the other people who certainly do not touch a drop of beer. Everyone think that if you drink beer excessively in a large amount, it’s not good for you. Normal and restrained beer drinkers live longer and better than a drunker. 

Affects Figure: You will be surprised to know that drinking beer makes you slim. Yes, drinking beer is actually burn fats away and also gives support to the competent digestion. Beer is low in calories, low in carbohydrates and has no fat or cholesterol. It can actually develop the necessary cholesterol in your body. 

Rich with Vitamins: It’s true that beer has a lot of vitamins. The unfiltered or lightly filtered beer turns out to be reasonably nutritious. Yes, it has B vitamins, chiefly folic acid, which helps in preventing the heart attacks. Beer is also fine for keeping you normal, which in turn decreases the probability of harmful and unhealthy junks like fat. Beer also has some important levels of magnesium and potassium. 

Heart Attacks: Surprised right? Beer prevents heart attacks and moderate dark beer consumers generally could trim down the risk of coronary heart diseases. 

Cancer: Beer fights cancer, yes it is correct. ‘Xanthohumol’ is a type of element, found in beer, which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces cancer-causing enzymes. 

Helps the Alzhiemer’s: It’s ‘Xanthohumol’ element is able to look after your brain from degenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Stronger Bones: Amazed right? It’s proved that it can provide stronger bones. The elevated levels of silicon in beer can chip in to higher bone concreteness. 

Prevent Diabetes: Researchers found that beer can put off type 2 diabetes.  

Helps in stress and nervousness: The reasonable alcohol consumption can lessen the stress and nervousness. It reduces the risk of failing of a heart attack and probably it reduces the risk of strokes as well.

Save Your Bad Hair: In fact, beer could save your bad hair day. If you feel like to get rid of your tightly curled hair and put in a lot of dimensions to your hair, then you can start putting flat German beer in your hair. 

Consuming beer is not at all bad for your health but keep it under control.

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