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Before Taking Oximeters reading , Remove NAIL ART, GEL PAINT or DARK NAIL POLISH, Recommends Health N Jig

One of the few trusted companies in the Medical Technology Space of Indian Origin manufacturing Pulse Oximeter (OX-6520) CE Approved.

New Delhi,13th January 2020

After witnessing patients back-to-back who showed fluctuations in their readings because of their nail polish doctors across the country decided to put out information there.

An Oximeter detects the oxygenated and deoxygenated haemoglobin in the nail bed. There are 2 different wave lengths, In case if you applied any kind of nail art or nail polish, it interferes with the passing of beam through the pulse oximeter to your nail bed and that is the reason you don’t get correct readings.

Mr. Jagdeep Khattar MD Health N Jig said “If you see just the reading and not the waveform, it means the reading isn’t correct. We always tell our customers who are being monitored at home that the waveform should be correct. So, whenever a user calls our team of doctors at Health N Jig, we ask them if the reading is changing constantly, and whether there’s an error showing in the waveform. We also ask them if they have applied nail paint’’

‘Dark shades of nail paint, fancy nail accessories can interfere with the accuracy of readings adds team of doctors involved in manufacturing Health N Jig Oximeters

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