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Began my career with small roles: Egypt Artist Ali Adel

Egypt Artist Ali Adel
The young artist Ali Adel from Qena, Egypt has his eyes on Indian projects. He has made a great fan follwing in his own country now he is looking for a sun shine in India.
“I loved acting since my youth and participated in the school theater until I was selected three times for the award of the best-talented actor in the Republic of Egypt. I began my career with small roles in a number of works, including “Hamada Plays” and “Qadain Leh” in 2005. In 2007 I participated in the series “Hanan and Hanin” with the great artist, Omar Sharif, directed by Inas Bakr, where I was praised by the artist Omar Sharif and he predicted me as a successful future actor which really motivated me. In 2008 I participated in the series “Hima – Days of Laughter and Tears”, “High School” series, “In the Hands of Amina”, the film “Rami Sit-Ins” and the series “Romana Balance.” In 2009 I participated in the film “Ahki Ya Shahrazad”, which is one of the points of my influential artistic career. In the same year, I participated in the series “Hala and Almstahbi” and the series “Hanim Bent Pasha.” In 2010, I participated in the series “Community” with Ziad Nassar, which was directed by Mohammed Yassin. In 2011, I participated in the play “Beih eh Ya Masr,” “Ihna Al Talaba’a,” “Duran Shubra,” “Al Shawq,” and “Out of Cairo.” The year 2012 was a very important year in my career, where I presented my first star in the film “German” and then the film “Abdo Mutah”, which succeeded. In the same year I participated in the film “Ahmed Khair,” the series “Company,” the film “watch and text” and the series “Carioca”. In 2013, the film “The Heart of the Lion” was shown in the 2013 Eid al-Fitr season with the highest season earnings. In 2014, I represented an important figure in the series “Ibn Halal,” which was very popular among the public. Now I want to make my debut in Indian Entertainment Industry. It is quite popular globally. Hollywood is my destination.”
Currently, Ali Adel has finished filming a movie in the film Naqab al-Rouh. The director Alaa Al-Sahnawi closed the lens of his camera, announcing that his short feature film “Naqab Al-Rouh”.

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