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Beijing miffed after US-Taiwan ink $1 billion arms deal

The Chinese government has lodged a strong protest, after United States agreed to sell arms worth $1.42 billion to Taiwan. It may be recalled that China considers Taiwan a part of its territory, as per its one-China policy. The Chinese government has asked US to immediately revoke its decision to sell arms to Taiwan. China said that US decision to sell arms to Taiwan was a wrong decision since it goes against the consensus that was agreed between US and China during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States in April. China also said that the sale of arms to Taiwan would send the wrong signals to Taiwan’s independence forces and it could disturb peace in the region.

Currently, only the United States supplies arms to Taiwan. Experts said that it’s obvious since no other country can afford to take on China other than the United States. The proposal to sell arms to Taiwan is the first such deal under the Trump administration. Under the proposed arms deal, Taiwan is expected to get missile components, torpedoes, advanced radar systems and high-speed anti-radiation missiles, among other things.

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