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Benefits of Desi Ghee

benefits of desi ghee newspatrolling

Ghee is known as a class of clarified butter and it was originated from the Indian  subcontinent. Ghee is used for various purposes it can be used as traditional medicine and also for performing religious rituals. Most of the people even think that having ghee is hurdle for those who want to loose weight. People believe that it is unhealthy and fattening, it is not totally true but its not even false statement as ghee contains fatty acid. It won’t make you unhealthy or create any hurdle in your weight loss journey if you a have a control over the portion of ghee you are consuming.

But ghee provides many benefits as it gives energy for thee cell lining of your colon. Pure ghee has lots of benefits and is superb healthy food but remember we are talking about pure ghee, to get pure ghee you can make it at home as it does not contain any preservatives. Many time it happens the ghee you buy from store is not always pure it may be made by using some artificial process.


  • Ghee has lots of nutrient compositions, it is loaded with vitamins like A, D, E and K. Ghee is also highly rich in dietary fats. The vitamins that ghee contains are fat soluble to combine with fat molecules. Ghee also provides these fat molecules in the form rich of dietary fibres. Together, these fat molecules get absorbed easily by our bodies and hence, these nutrients are used by our bodies to stay fit and healthy.
  • Pure home-made ghee have lots and lots of benefits. If you consume pure home-made ghee on a daily basis, it will help to boost your mental as well as physical strength. Ghee will help in keeping your body fit and fighting off illnesses or many types of viruses attacking your body.
  • Ghee is also known as a body cleanser and this is one more speciality of ghee as it removes impurities from your body. Ghee is really good for your eyesight it strengthens your eye vision, your muscles and tendons.
  • People those who are suffering from cholesterol problems are concerned, if you visit grocery shop then you can see the shelves in the grocery markets have cholesterol free oils. However, ghee is also a very good option if you compare ghee with butter it is lower in fats than butter.
  • Ghee can also be consumed by those who have a lactose intolerance. It is also free of salt.
  • Ghee is also helpful to maintain balance of your mind and it boost the functioning of your brain.
  • The fats that are present in ghee have various types of benefits such as supporting your nerves, cleanse your skin, mental health, protecting your stomach lining from the digestive acids and it also strengthens cell membranes. All these mentioned functions are performed by ghee.
  • the ghee fats are free of trans-fats, oxidised cholesterol or any hydrogenated oils. This makes the fat in home-made ghee healthy
  • If you have dry lips you can also apply it on your lips for overnight very soon you notice the change and you will love the change ghee softens your lips and make it appear natural pink in colour. People those who have dark lip shades they can also try applying some ghee to get lighter shade.
  • Those who want to gain some weight are always suggested by elders to have good amount of ghee it helps you to gain weight fast.
  • People those who are suffering from constipation or ulcer ghee is the best treatment for it you must have ghee on regular basis.




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