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Benefits of having boiled lemon water

Have you ever thought of boiling the lemon with its skin? It will give you all immense benefits if it is consumed in this manner. If you will drink the boiled lemon water, it will give you the protection against the many diseases. But those who have allergy with lemon, they should consult the doctor first before consuming this.

Below are some key benefits:

Digestion – If you drink the juice of lemon after boiling it, it will remove the waste out of your body and this will improve your digestion process

Energy Booster – Lemon always helps in boosting energy in our body. The benefits of lemon is increased when it is boiled. Apart from this there is high level of vitamins C found in lemon, which is good for our body

Increase in metabolism – The combination of potassium and magnesium in lemon helps increase the metabolism rate. It also helps in burning calories and helps body to intake more proteins

Cold & Cough– Drinking juice of boiled lemon in cold and cough helps a lot as it contains antioxidants in good amount


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