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Benevolent HONEY! Vive to you, viva for you!

Honey, honey, honey, incomparable, impeccable, impeccable honey – it is not a thing of funny. It is backed by science and conscience. It is rustically sweat, candy and sugary by taste, by nature as well. We can identify honey as a food substance. But it has broadened, amplified its pale too much indeed.

HONEY 2We cannot negate yet assert with pledge – the naked truth that we all love to consume honey; we love to aver, reverberate, and resonate the word honey as much as possible. Honey is too much adorable to all of us. It is precious, it is priceless rather. Each one of the planet Earth, season to call his or her darling – the true inmate of his or her bust castle – as HONEY – as a matter of fact. It is not only severely revered but it is the pet name of honour. Honey is not ingestion only. It is the symbol of pure love, the reflection of affection. It depicts endearment prominently. Honey emerges beauty and cuteness. An iota of honey resembles the true, unadulterated sweetness in fact. Honey means temptation. Honey denotes appetency. Honey acquaints aspiration. Honey implies the intensity of notion. It unmasks constancy. It prevails the instance of the motion of emotions. Honey initiates. It is popular. It is renowned. Honey is not a tantalizer. It is a trailblazer. It does not yield us sores or scars. It makes us content always. Honey remains in crest. Honey forges avenues for every auspicious circumstance.

It signifies our heritage. It is an important part of our tradition. It indicates the fact that how much sumptuous our mother nature is – truly.

Honey is the resemblance of our very own civilization. We – the people of all most every nation yet each of the cultures are wont to use honey in our daily lives since last 2500 years.

Honey was mentioned by the great Aristotle (the one of the most pensive yet prudent person of the planet earth), by the king Solomon (the one of the shrewd rulers of the world) even – asserted by the selfless historians actually.
We cannot produce honey. The bees – the gifted children of mother nature evolve honey (for themselves) – and we avail the advantage – as usually.

  • Reduce extra weight – Honey will help you out to reduce extra calories.
  • Source of energy – Per tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories for us.
  • Heals burns and wounds – It helps to heal the burns and (various types of) wounds as well.
  • Regulates sugar level – With the help of honey you can regulate your blood sugar definitely.
  • Elements balancer – It helps to balance up the five elements of a human body.
  • Skin care product – It makes your skin smoother in a smooth way indeed.
  • Fights against cough and throat irritation – Honey reduces throat irritation and cough.
  • Anti fungal and anti bacterial properties – The anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of honey helps us a lot.
  • Sweetener – Honey contains 69% of glucose and fructose, that’s why we use it as a natural sweetener as a matter of fact.
  • We season to use honey as a (healthier) substitute of sugar as well.
  • Some other qualities –
  • Honey reduces many gastrointestinal disorders – ulcers even.
  • It prevents heart diseases and cancer even.
  • It is good for hangovers, cholesterol, eczema, gum diseases, yeast infections, sinus issues, acne, dandruff, allergies also.
  • Honey is a sex booster, energy booster, memory booster. Friendly for a good sleep too.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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