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Bengal mounts offensive against GJM; one person dead after secret meeting raided

In a development that very closely resembled a movie scene, West Bengal police officers raided a secret meeting of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM). The policemen were in plainclothes and they were pretending as tourists. However, all of them were fully armed. They travelled from Darjeeling in Bengal to Namchi in Sikkim and raided a secret meeting of GJM supporters. GJM is the main political outfit that has been demanding for a separate state Gorkhaland. After the meeting was raided, the West Bengal police arrested around 9 political activists. However, the chief of GJM, Bimal Gurung and other top leaders managed to flee. While the raid was on, a driver of Gurung, who is also his relative, was shot dead. It was alleged that the driver was shot by the police personnel.

It may be recalled that earlier, the West Bengal government had issued lookout notices against Bimal Gurung, GJM’s general secretary Roshan Giri and its youth leader Prasant Gurung. The police raid today was the next step in the process to book the top GJM leaders. The government will be putting their photos at all important places such as airports and railway stations. This would make it difficult for them to travel. However, the raid has not gone down well with Sikkim police, who have filed an FIR against the West Bengal police team that carried out the raid. The Sikkim police said that the Bengal police killed the GJM supporter in cold blood.

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