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Best Aftermarket Accessories for Cars

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Most cars come equipped with the basic accessories that are standard in all the cars. The vehicles that come with the high tech accessories are highly expensive. It is not possible for every person to buy a high end car like Mercedes, BMW or Audi. However, every car owner can install the aftermarket accessories in their car.

Installing the high-quality aftermarket accessories can make your car more comfortable and safe while travelling on the road. So let us know about some tech accessories that anyone can install it in their car to make it more safe and comfortable.

YI Mirror Dash Camera

A YI mirror dash camera can capture the videos while travelling on the road. Moreover, it can help you in case of accident to show the authorities and insurance company who was at fault. It enables you to get the insurance claim for your car in case of an accident. The device consists of a front and a rear-facing camera that makes the videos of both the front and rear view of your car.

Heads Up Display

The Heads up display can make any smartphone a heads up display device for your car. It projects the GPS on a transparent screen to make the front view visible. The heads up display supports both the Android and iOS devices. You can use it to receive calls, read messages and control the music in your car. The Heads Up display can turn a standard car into a high-end tech car.

Back Seat Organiser

The owners of standard cars often face the problem of organising the stuff; most people place the stuff on the back seat of their car. However, this can make the rear passengers uncomfortable. A backseat organiser has 6 to 8 pockets that can accommodate the stuff of all sizes.

You can use the small pockets to put things like keys, mobile phone, and the large pockets for books, magazines and even a laptop. A backseat organiser can help you organise the stuff and free up the dashboard and rear seat for which they are made.

Air Purifier

People usually don’t clean the interior of a car due to lack of time. The interior of a car starts smelling if not vacuum cleaner for a few days. It can smell sooner if you smoke which makes your family and other passengers the passive smokers. Therefore, an air purifier is an essential accessory that all car owners must install in their car.

There are small air purifiers that you can install on the steering wheel, dashboard or you can have the mid-size purifiers like the Phillips GoPure Compact 200 that can be installed behind the headrest of front seats. It can remove the smoke, gases, odours and harmful bacteria, from your car to make it safe and refreshing for kids and other passengers.

Life-saving tool

A life-saving tool is a must-have tool for every car.  Sometimes a car is stuck in situations where it is not possible to open the windows. A life-saving tool has a hammer that can break the window glass in a stroke with minimum effort. Even a child can break the window by using a live-saving tool. Some life saving tools come equipped with a seat belt cutter and a flashlight. You can use them to cut the seat belt if it is not possible to open the same.


Towbar is an accessory that helps you to drag another car using the steel ropes. The haymanreesetowbarsgatton are very popular among the car owners in Queensland, Australia. Any vehicle can get into an emergency when it needs towing. A car with a towbar at its back can pull another vehicle to the nearest service facility for repair.

Car Swivel Tray

The modern cars come with a glass and bottle holder, but it is difficult to place a plate in a car. A car swivel tray is a great aftermarket accessory that enables you to place your plate and enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks in your car. It comes with an adjustable mount bar that allows you to move it within a comfortable range.

Smartphone Wireless Charging Dash

A smartphone wireless charging dash can hold your cell phone in front of you and charge it within a few minutes. It can be mounted on the dashboard as well as on the windshield. It can hold your phone firmly and absorb the shocks to avoid damage. You can make and receive calls, read texts while driving your car.

Final Words

The products in this post are the best aftermarket accessories for a car. You can install them to make your standard car more safe and comfortable. They can make your car look more luxurious and gain admiration from your friends and colleagues.

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