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Best AI Tools for Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is where you get stuck. It is an art as well as a science. It is not easy to determine what your target audience wants and what kind of content can engage them. It requires a lot of planning from finding keywords to topic selection and performance tracking.

Content plays a paramount role to build an audience, which is why you must make an effective content strategy. It serves as a tool to communicate with your audience. If you identify their pain points to provide them with a solution, they will trust you and be more interested in buying your offerings.

The growth of your business depends on content strategy. It must be as effective as possible if you do not go downhill. Artificial intelligence can help you make an effective content marketing strategy. There are various tools to help you from targeting keywords to choosing the right topic.

You will be surprised to know that AI tools can create a smarter content strategy by identifying the behaviour of users. Such software can help you increase revenues and reduce cost. In this blog, you will get to know how AI can help you with an effective content marketing strategy.


Hubspot Content Strategy software uses machine learning to help you develop new content ideas. This AI software can help you validate the content ideas. Before you choose any topic for content, you need to analyse what your target audience wants from you.

You will have to analyse the competition to know what is popular among your competitors. A competitive analysis is enough to understand your strategy aligns with what your audience wants. This software will help you cluster topics based on the competition level. The suggestions will be worthwhile to consider.

It can be hard for you to understand what your target audience wants, but AI software can do it quickly and smartly. Your content marketing strategy will be more successful if you use the Hub post AI tool.


Clearscope is an AI tool that will help you optimise content based on keywords. Keywords are essential to optimise in content to make sure that people find you when they make a query using those keywords. Lack of keyword optimisation is one of the significant reasons for the failure of the content marketing strategy.

Clearscope can help you target keywords by making an analysis of keywords based on the data shown by Google. It can deduce which keyword will be the right choice to target in the content by identifying the number of times a keyword or keyphrase mentioned in top results of the search engines.

This information can help you decide easily which keyword you should use for writing a post. Of course, you will target keywords that are appeared on a more significant number. It ensures that your website will rank in top results if you target those keywords. AI software can also help you the number of times you should use in the content to make sure that it is neither overly optimised nor under optimised.

Once you have generated the content, you can paste the entire post in Clearspace so that it can analyse it and give a grade after comparing it with other top-ranking posts. Remember that it provides ranking to content based on the keyword used and the number of times it was used, not based on the overall quality of content. This AI tool can also help you know the exact words to add so that you can get a high ranking.


Keyword optimisation is not enough to engage the audience. You need to provide quality content to your users. It should be informative as well as engaging. Quill tool can help you create smart content for your users without putting much effort. It is beneficial to produce any content, but most commonly it includes reports, product specifications, financial reports, real-time stock insights, hotel descriptions etc.

Several other AI tools can help you create content. They can understand the topics you should cover in your content strategy based on the competition and the behaviour of your target audience. Such software can help you produce engaging content for your users that will help generate leads.


BrightEdge software provides one integrated solution. It boosts content performance by focusing on all factors keywords, optimisation and performance measurement. You can say that this software is a one-size-fits-all solution. This software can help you create a content strategy to engage the audience.

Artificial intelligence is leaving no stone unturned to change the landscape of content marketing. There are various other AI software designed to create an effective content marketing strategy, but they are not free. If you want to use such software to improve content strategy, you can take out loans without guarantor.

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