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Best Buffet Dinner in Pune


Ultimate restaurants at Pune with great buffets at midnight. May it will reach your with insatiable hunger without smiting a massive blow to your wallet especially with dinner large group of various dishes in the buffet. They laid out of the buffet to spread with enormous appetite but also the discrete taste within the preferences of different people. The arms of a buffet with various restaurants with sprawled across Pune with an easy task at your dinner. To skip the order less of ordering with multiple varieties of food with straight and enjoying your meal with Favorited dishes. 

Cafe 1730, Kharadi

To taste authentic Goan cuisine in Pune then choose Cafe 1730 which is more popular in Pune city at weekend of branches for compensation of food with live music at night times. We can relax the complementary ambiance with well-lit interiors with more humungous seating capacity where we can relax with command the steaks and choose the best one.

Spice Kitchen, JW Mariott

In Spice Kitchen, there is a Favorited recipe in buffet sessions where you can deal your dinner with family and friends and reach the correct destination with specialized for each meal. The Spice Kitchen hosts three multi-cuisines buffets every day ( breakfast, lunch, dinner). It is an extraordinary and extensive array in India with Oriental dishes, along with usual Marathi viands. It will continuously keep and evolve with choices of diverse of your favorite one. Book the table before without leaving at restaurants and space and days with undergoing an event or ceremony.

Exotica, Yerwada

Exotica ideal and deal with restaurants with under grow restaurants at Pune location is right to know. The main attraction of Exotica is the part of delicious food which it will happen the be the assigned of restaurants environ. It was located at Perched atop a 7th-floor terrace in Yerwada. It will have a beautiful space to spend time and relax in the evening and enjoy your own company. Exotica is the usual melange of north-Indian, and for the Chinese, Mediterranean and Italian dishes which are advice to lend individuals attention with north Indian dishes.

Latitude, Vivanta By Taj

Latitude is the excellent platform which it will offer the full range of buffets at dinner species from morning to midnight. It is very famous especially in the evening where you can full fill with a joyful evening at weekends. It is very renowned for mainly local offerings include Kheema Pao, along with more sumptuous viands like Malabari Fish Curry, Thalipeeth, Mutton Pulao, Arbi Ke Kebab and more.

The Cafe, Hyatt Regency

Cafe, Hyatt Regency is very expensive for restaurants to set the least company at buffet specials. It was divided with different unique to servile with live counters. The buffet menu here includes with various usual suspects from Indian, Mexican, Asian, Continental and Italian cuisines which they will make at restaurants among the competitions with various varieties at the dessert sections. The ice-creams and Hyatt’s extraordinary for the patisseries are genuinely sensuous.

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