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Windows are the first thing that comes into view as someone approaches your house or office building. If your windows are dirty it straight away gives a bad impression to the visitor. Unfortunately most people do not spend a lot of time cleaning windows in contrast to the time they assign on cleaning the interior of the house. Some windows are not cleaned because they are difficult to approach as well. However it is no reason to leave them as it is. They are cleaning services that can be hired to make it easier to get the job done. We have the mean to reach windows that are located in difficult positions.

Frezco eco cleaning is a cleaning company that specializes in providing you top-notch window cleaning services in Sarasota FL, residential window cleaning services Saint Petersburg.  We charge $10 per window and provide an hour long service.  We operate in Sarasota, South Florida and the Tampa Bay area. The process is straight forward.

  1. First the windows are rubbed to remove accumulated dirt, airborne containment, oil and grime.
  2. Then the glass is cleaned. We make sure there are no remains of water within the pores of the glass.
  3. Then the ledges along with the edges of the glass are wiped clean. It is made sure that everything is dry. If they are not dried properly then chances are that there will be water spots left after the water on the windows is air dried. Hence we aim at making your windows glossy and squeaky clean.

We clean all types of window whether they are sliding, twofold, tempest, narrow windows or windows with canopies.  You name it and we can clean it. We make use of squeegees to clean you windows to provide you the maximum satisfaction and provide you your money’s worth. If you are planning on housing a guest, or arranging some sort of get together make sure to have a look at your house’s windows and give us a call for a quick clean up. We are available for window cleaning services in Sarasota FL and residential window cleaning services Saint Petersburg. If you have never utilized a cleaning service then you have no idea what you are missing out on. Book an appointment with us  today and witness the clear unblemished glossy marvel that awaits post Frenzco eco cleaner’s experience.  We can assure you that you will be coming back again for our cleaning services.

We train our workers to give you the best possible service. They have to go through 3 days of classroom training and then 3 day on the job training under the supervision of expert cleaners. Beside window cleaning we also offer other cleaning services as well. These include house cleaning, vacant house cleaning, commercial janitorial services, commercial cleaning, and carpet cleaning services. If you have some reservation just get in touch we provide you free estimate facility. Let our experts do a survey and give you a projected cost.  If you are satisfied go ahead.

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