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Best Countries for Sailing This Summer

Smelling salt in the air and feeling the wind blow through your hair as you take to the ocean is nothing short of freedom. This is why sailing is regarded as among the best joys of travel. Planning a vacation is a critical part of the trip and that is why it is important to know the best countries for sailing this summer. 

Sailing countries

The following are some of the best countries for sailing this summer:



Croatia is sometimes called New Riviera. It is a magnificent destination for an array of travelers. However, the crystalline Adriatic has to be the most ideal spot because the sun always shines brightly, and it has tranquil waters. Its coastline is 1,100 miles long and boasts of at least 1,185 islands. It is a good Croatia sailing destination because of the big coastline to be explored, this is inclusive of beautiful beaches, charming towns and lush green slopes. The island of Hvar is a famous spot for docking and it has many well-heeled yachtsmen types. Other places to explore are remote island groups such as Kornati and Elafiti, traditional fishing villages and hidden coves.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 

galapagos islands

These islands are situated in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is remote, but it still entices people all over the globe to experience its sea lions, penguins, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies etc. Berths have a high demand, and this makes expedition cruising an ideal way to explore nineteen islands You can dive or snorkel while you sail around the beautiful volcanic archipelago.

French Polynesia 

french polynesia

It consists of 5 main island groups, this is inclusive of Tahiti. The islands are a source of exotic marine life, traditional culture and an alluring mix of gorgeous lagoons. There is plenty to explore here, both in the sea and on land. Among the many islands that visitors can base their trip, Raiatea is the best place for a memorable Tahitian sailing adventure.

Newport, Rhode Island -New England has a myriad of boating scenes. However, Newport is at the very top. It is no wonder that it is referred to as the Sailing Capital of the World. It is characterized by beautiful beaches and has an easy access to the sea for sailing. Other favorable factors are ease of launching as well as the ability to park close to your boat. 



It is located off Tanzania’s coast, in the Indian Ocean. It allows travelers to experience the old kingdom of Persia. This is because Zanzibar acted as a convenient trading post for traders at a point in history. Tourists can enjoy coffee that has been seasoned using ginger, cinnamon bars as well as fragrant vanilla pods. Sailing is at its best here in the turquoise waters and there are numerous beautiful beaches. Other things to enjoy are glorious sunsets enjoyed from decks, diving and snorkeling during sailing. The water temperatures are always around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other best countries for sailing this summer are French Riviera, France, Minorca, Spain, Whitsundays, Australia etc.


Sailing is an enjoyable activity and finding the best places to do it is just as important as performing it. The countries listed above should start you off the correct way. 


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