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Best English TV series to Binge Watch on Weekends

english tv series

Whether you are a horror flick digger or love yourself some rom-com, you can easily get hold of a variety of TV series that will make your weekend a fun experience. Depending on the genre that grabs your attention, listed below are some of the best English TV series of all time.

1-Breaking Bad:

A crime-drama based series that revolves around one man named Walter White; Breaking Bad is a story about this chemistry teacher who discovers he suffers from cancer. After this, he decides to start a business making meth in order to pay off his debts. If you love mind-boggling turn of events with every episode, make sure you hitch a perfect weekend ride with this show.

2-Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones has been dubbed as one of the best TV series in the fantasy genre. From dragons to medieval war scenarios, this TV series has everything a fantasy genre fan could ever ask for. Once you begin, you can hardly stop watching this fantastically director series.


Probably one of the best sitcoms ever made. Revolving around the stories and day-to-day adventures of 6 friends, this sitcom is something you need to watch with your friends. As you go through each episode, you will realize this sitcom is much more than funny situations pieced together. The series is more about companionship, love, and comfort that comes with friendship.


Dexter is a story about a man named Dexter Morgan, who struggles with his homicidal tendencies. The lead tries to live a dual-life while working as the forensic technician at the local police department by the day and killing heinous perpetrators during free time. Each season is perfectly curated with mysteries and suspenseful stories that keep you looking for more.

5-The Walking Dead:

A completely addictive TV series, The Walking Dead revolves around a group of survivors who try to fend for themselves during a Zombie apocalypse. The group is led by Rick Grimes, a police officer who works his way to look for a place that is secure from the invasion of the zombie population spread all across the US terrain.

There are many more to this list of TV series to binge watch, but these ones come with a highly widespread fan following. So get yourself these shows on DVD or watch them online over popular streaming services and make your weekend worthwhile.

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