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Best Futuristic Gadgets Unveiled In 2019

Our world is transforming like never before, with technology being the primary driving force powering the development. While tech is being used for planet-centric tasks such as managing climate change, space research, weather predictions, reducing pollution, etc., it is also being offered to the consumer in the form of latest electronic gadgets. Tech companies are now in a constant race to produce something better, which has led to the launch of several new types of electronic gadgets and devices. To get a view of what’s new in 2019 here is a brief introduction to new electronic gadgets launched this year.

Rollable TV: If your big screen TV is taking too much space, then it’s time to switch to a rollable TV. This is expected to be launched commercially this year. Rollable TV is quite like paper, which can be rolled and easily carried from one place to another. However, this one is unlikely to be priced affordably. Nonetheless, if you want to get a taste of future, a rollable TV is just what you need.

Robotic personal assistant: Don’t like to walk to the fridge to get your beer, as you watch your favorite movie or game? No fuss, you can get a robotic personal assistant to do the job for you. These hi-tech robots can do various other tasks such as open the door, take out garbage, carry your bags, etc. These certainly seem to be better than voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc. However, such products may take a few years to be available for sale.

Beauty wand: Sure, there are various apps available that can brush up your photos on social media. However, what do you do to get the photoshopped look in real life? Well, you can now buy a high-tech beauty wand gadget that can detect the smallest of bumps, blemishes and irregularities on your skin and automatically cover them with a specialized gel.

Wireless charging case: We all have heard about wireless chargers, but they still need to be docked over the charging platform. To make things truly wireless, a wireless charging case has been launched this year. This case provides wireless charging from up to 12 feet, which makes it truly wireless and handy for users.

Some of these gadgets are already availablefor sale, whereas others may need time to be produced on a commercial scale. The ones that are available do not come cheap, so be ready to pay a premium for trying something new. People who love technology would certainly be willing to invest in these futuristic gadgets.

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