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One among the various forms of divine science known to humankind since civilizations, Numerology is a branch of occult sciences that has known existence and has been in practice since as early as the 6th century BC. The credits to developments in this form of science can be given to the great ones like Pythagoras, Cheiro, and Kaballa, among others.

Numerology has been helping people in innumerable ways and has proved its stance of being a perfect way to know about the future. It has the potential to be a ray of hope in the lives of those who are entwined in their chaotic lives. Numerologists, having profound knowledge about numbers, can help people by foreseeing their future based on the numbers that affect the individual, which will help them set goals and plan their future more effectively.
List of Numerologists who have established a benchmark in the field of Numerology:

Here are the 2 most famous numerologists who have contributed immensely to our society by their excellent knowledge and interest in Numerology and inculcated the magic of numbers in our lives.

Bansilal M Jumaani:

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, the Jumaani family migrated to Mumbai, Maharashtra during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. Having staunch belief in the occult science of Numerology, the whole family got themselves enlightened in this field. Bansilal M. Jumaani, who was a finance broker earlier, started learning Numerology as a hobby initially. As time made him realise his passion for the field, he turned this passion of his into a career after imbibing knowledge about it from over 200 books. He is well-known for his predictions about popular movies like “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” (it was his prediction to change it from “Kaho Na Pyar Hai”) and also for predictions of some important cases related to Bollywood celebrities.

Pandit Sethuraman:

Born on 31st May 1925, Pandit Sethuraman completed his education in Tiruchirapalli, India, before joining the Defence Services of India during the period when India was under British rule. During the course of his career, he has done thorough research about thousands of soldiers in the army and came to a conclusion that gave him an idea as to how their victories were directly related to their dates of birth. This time had helped him analyse and understand the link between fortune and date of birth. “Adhista Vingyanam”, meaning “Science of Fortune” in English, was his first book, which is a complete guide for all those who wish to know all the details about Numerology, became an instant sensation amongst people as soon as it was released in 1954. Even today, it is a very famous edition which people refer to, worldwide.
List of Numerologists who have been gaining recognition over the last decade:

For the past few years, various aspirants are growing their knowledge by examining, studying, and imbibing information from numerous books that are a complete guide for Numerology. Here is the perfect list of numerologists who are contributing to our society by guiding people to the future through their dates of birth and name.
Gautham Azad:

A resident of Bangalore, Gautham Azad is a mechanical engineer by profession. Having a profound interest in numbers since his 20s, he also chose his hobby, the path of Numerology, as his career. Numbers attracted and fascinated him immensely, as he realised how they magically affect every individual’s life. Unlike the belief of many others, he strongly believes that numerology is a divine science and not a superstition. Beginning off by introducing “H” in his name “Gautham”, he has already attracted a lot of fame and success in life and makes sure to continue to the same too, by guiding and helping people with this divine science.

Sanjay B Jumaani:

Interest and skills inherited from his father, Bansilal M Jumaani, Sanjay B Jumaani is a celebrity numerologist and life coach, notable for his predictions in the Indian subcontinent. Starting to work from the tender age of 14 to feed his family, he is an immensely hardworking personality. His zeal for learning about numbers and the wonders they can do has helped him transform others’ lives and support them by analysing the destiny number and other details for them.

Sidhharrth S Kumaar:

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro Numerologist, believes in the mantra of mastering this divine occult science and putting it to use by assisting the confreres in need. Having ameliorated the lives of multitudinous individuals for years with his profound knowledge and skills of Numerology, he has founded “NumroVani” to continue improving the quality of life and overall growth of individuals through these forms of occult science. During the course of his learning and practicing, he has developed proprietary, research-driven numerology methods such as “Time Theory of Numerology”, “Name Grid”, etc., while also having demonstrated many successful outcome-based predictions about the stock market trends.
Dr. Sanjay Sethi:

Dr. Sanjay Sethi, a gold medallist, is a prominent name in the field of Numerology. With over 32 years of practice, he offers precise and accurate reports based on the requirement of his clients. He is an acclaimed Vastu Expert, Numerologist, Gemologist, and Rudraksha Consultant, who has been transforming lives of innumerable people with his profound knowledge and experience in the field. Having earned several accolades to his name, he is known as a celebrity personality in India.

Swetta Jumaani:

Hailing from the renowned Jumaani family, Swetta Jumaani is a renowned numerologist. Since childhood, she has been keen on learning deeply about numbers and the impact it has on an individual’s life, which she inherited as a hobby inspired by her father, Bansilal M Jumaani. As per Numerology, her destiny number is 2, which represents the moon. Though she started off by advising her friends in the beginning, she, later on, pursued it as a career due to her strong passion for the field.

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