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Best Preschools in India for Unique Learning

Pre-primary school is a planned early childhood education program that your kids should attend before they begin schooling. It combines play with learning, and the children are taught by professionally trained adults. Kids between the ages of three and five usually attend a pre-primary school.

  1. Dudes and Dolls – The Cosmic School

Started by Ritesh Rawal, in the year 2012 in Delhi NCR (Faridabad), this school has created a unique place in the early childhood education; the school has been designed and developed with an objective to dedicatedly focus on the early childhood development. It has created a niche in this segment because of its top class curriculum, uniquely designed a very big and dedicated real life simulation activity area which includes an Airplane inside the activity area which can accommodate up to 20 people, a news channel studio so that children can learn to create news, videos etc., a children friendly cooking studio, a petrol pump, court room, photo studio, six sigma lab and to help simulate the real life environment inside the school.  It is focused on providing personalized development curriculum to each child rather than focusing on a generic approach.  Its building is designed like a huge castle, and the founder calls it            “The castle of my dream”. The way the entire school has been designed, it really inspires everyone to go back to the pre schooling days and become Dudes and Dolls again.

  1. Euro Kids

Established in 2001, this well-known preschool chain has over 900 centers in 350 cities in India. The program is based on the methodologies of Montessori and Playway and 10:1 is the ratio of student to teacher. Four separate program classes, nursery, playgroup, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior, are offered. This theme-based school works hard to improve the language, cognitive, motor abilities, and self-esteem of your child. In its pre-primary school programs, it also encourages active parental participation.

  1. Kangaroo Kids

This pre-primary school, established in Mumbai in 1993, has more than 80 branches across the country. It works heavily on parental participation. Therefore, at every stage, you should always be on their side as your children learn and develop. Each campus is very roomy and offers broad avenues for learning and playing with toys. The program concentrates on your child’s mental, social, cognitive, and physical development. It also caters to children with special needs, making it an ideal and accessible option for many parents.

  1. Hello Kids

This is the first pre-primary school in India to cater to the middle-income class. It has a network of over 285 branches across the country’s more than 22 states. It has a 10:1 ratio of balanced students to teachers and boasts professional teachers. The methodologies of Montessori and Playway form the student curriculum here. This pre-primary school allows children aged one and a half years and older for entry. The nursery, playgroup, upper kindergarten, and lower kindergarten are the four distinct program classes offered. Kid-learning by pre-primary school events and games is the emphasis of the course subjects. Yoga, computer basics, routine check-ups with licensed medical practitioners, and stage activities are included in the services.

  1. Little Elly

This pre-primary college is a Learning Edge India Private Limited initiative. In 2005, it was created. The program here is based on the methodologies of Steiner and Montessori, which are two of the best methodologies. It provides services from playgroups to senior kindergartens for children. Moreover, it operates a daycare service on a regular as well as monthly basis. Reading, sports, storytelling, craft, painting, field trips, and puppet shows are part of the pre-primary school events.

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