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Best Tips To Control Your Appetite For Weight Management

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Weight gain occurs because of overeating, and this is a well-established fact. Everyone knows it is overeating that is the main culprit for weight gain. However, not many know how to control over eating so that weight gain can be stopped.

How does one control overeating or repress appetite so weight can be managed? Controlling the appetite does not mean starving or depriving the body of food. There are better ways than starving that could effectively help control weight. Discussed below are some strategic points that will help suppress your appetite and control weight gain.

Drink water before you eat

Drinking water before you begin your meal is a smart trick that will make you feel full and eat less. It is a way of suppressing hunger because water fills up the stomach before you begin eating and makes you eat less. Drinking water does not harm, as water is an essential element required by the body.

Eat more often

Eating more often sounds the opposite to the actual purpose of this article. It is quite true. The tip does suggest eating more, but it has a twist to it. Eating more often does not mean stuffing yourself with food; instead, you have to take it via sensible planning. The food you are supposed to eat in the form of three meals is divided into smaller portions and eaten during the day. The amount of food you eat is the same as that of eating three meals. However, in this case, the same food is distributed throughout the day. You benefit from eating in this manner in two ways – your metabolism improves because of eating more often, and you do not have food cravings in between meals because your stomach is always full.

Have fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods also work for you in two ways – they remove excess fat as the soluble fiber is able to absorb fat in the body. What you can do to stifle your appetite is to eat lots of vegetables before you sit for your actual meal. Vegetables are high in fiber. Vegetables can be had as a salad with an olive oil dressing or as appetizers with a low calorie dip, such as humus. Vegetables best source of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body. They also have a high water content making them the perfect food for suppressing your appetite and overeating.

Take your time to eat.

Eating slowly can help to control your appetite. Research shows that it takes time for the stomach to send the brain the signal that it is full. It could take some time for the brain for about 15 -20 minutes to get the signal that you are actually full. This delay causes overeating. If you eat slowly, the stomach has enough time to send the brain the signal that it is full at the right time. This would help curtail you from overeating.

The above mentioned tips are perfect for controlling appetite. If food is consumed in this manner, it will end overeating and soon cause weight loss.


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